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3D Printing: Print your 3D toy designs

What is 3d Printing? 3D printing is the process where a 3D design (created in Maya 3D, 3Ds MAX or other 3D software) is turned into a real object. Tr... Read More »

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Contemporary Character Design: 3D Robots

1. MARU by Norio Fujikawa (more…)... Read More »

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Letter Fountain: Ultimate Typography Guide

Letter Fountain by Joep Pohlen and published by Taschen, has everything you could ever want to know about printing letters and numbers. In additio... Read More »

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Mental Ray Materials in Maya 3D 2012

All mental ray for Maya materials include Hardware Texturing attributes, allowing you to preview them in the scene view. You can add Mental Ray Materi... Read More »

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Mental Ray Quality: Producing Photorealistic Images

Mental Ray for Maya offers all the features traditionally expected of photorealistic rendering. Mental Ray is also the industry-standard 3D rendering ... Read More »

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Studio Lighting / Three Point Lighting in Maya 3D 2012

Maya Lighting resembles real word lighting techniques used in photography & film. Maya has a number of light sources ( Area, Directional, Ambient,... Read More »

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