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Partnering with Martha Garzon creator of M5 Design Studio is the smartest dissuasion I’ve made in developing my brand. Her work is not mere graphic or web design, it’s artistry. At every point of the multiple projects I’ve hired Martha for the process has been hassle free with quick turnaround, and the final product has far exceeded anything I imagined. Working with other web developers in the past has been disappointing and even aggravating. They never understood what I wanted the site to look like, (even when shown similar sites) revisions took weeks, days would go by before I would receive a return email with the answer to a question, and extra costs not disclosed at the start of the project were the norm. Martha continually catches my vision, predicts and answers my questions before I ask them, suggests site implementations that make the viewing and reading more enjoyable for my audience and thus keeps them on my blog longer earning me more revenue. When designing the site for my debut book, I had a notion of something I wanted to do, but the technology didn’t exist. In less than two days Martha had created an exclusive Facebook app that did exactly what I was dreaming about. In addition to her professional experience and level of knowledge and follow-through Martha is a delightful lady. I look forward to the calls and email exchanges during our projects because along with delivering fantastic products and service, she’s warm, engaging, polished and extremely professional. If you’re looking for design work (web, print, logo, branding, or other) that will make you and your product or service stand out from the ten billion other sites and services on the web, and you want it to be of the highest quality, and you want to partner with a polished professional so that experience…not to mention the price, is pleasant, you need to hire Martha Garzon of M5 Design Studio. You’ll be grateful you did, and, just like me, you’ll come back to her for all your future projects.

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