National Farm Worker Ministry

I very enthusiastically recommend M5Design and Martha Garzon. Martha has never failed to meet a deadline. When I have emailed or called them with a particular problem or question, they respond very quickly. And they answers in clear language that I can immediately understand – in other words, they communicate very well with non-techies. I trust M5’s opinions and advice and they have provided excellent service and work. Martha is also an extremely pleasant person to work with it.

M5 Design Studio, an Orlando web design company, has been a tremendous help to the National Farm Worker Ministry. They maintain our website, trouble-shoot whenever we need it, designed a website for our Youth and Young Adult Network several years ago and then, most recently, helped us redesign in order to merge our two websites into a stronger web presence. They have done excellent work in supporting us with good quality for a good price and outstanding customer service.

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