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Please let me introduce myself.

I'm a creative director, web designer & digital media professor. I dedicate my life to contemporary design & art and to help students acquire the technical, creative and work ethic skills they need to be successful designers & developers in the workplace. I studied Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia and Digital Arts at Stetson University. I've been teaching for the last 9 years and I'm currently an adjunct professor at Stetson University in the Digital Arts Program.
  • I am

    I am:

    • a design geek
    • a perfectionist
    • a technology junkie
    • very creative
    • organized
    • patient
  • I enjoy

    I enjoy:

    • film
    • books
    • animation
    • traveling
    • coffee
    • my MAC
  • I value

    I value:

    • respect
    • good communication
    • honesty
    • equality
    • good manners
    • originality
  • I love

    I love:

    • my job
    • design & development
    • typography
    • patterns & ornaments
    • illustration
    • photography

I'm proficient in:

  • Computer software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Fireworks, Flash, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, & Autodesk Maya 3D.
  • Web languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, XML, SQL , and jQuery.
  • CMS: WordPress and Drupal

I teach:

  • DIGA 222 - Web Design: This course is an introduction to the design and creation of websites. Students will learn to utilize sound, graphics, interaction and programming to create and publish dynamic web sites. It additional to web site creation students will be exposed to contemporary issues surrounding web culture and technologies.
  • DIGA 301 - 3D Modeling and Animation: An introduction to 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Includes creation, editing and mapping of materials for the models in a 3D scene, material editors, paint and image manipulation software, lighting, tracking and keyframing, curve/path animation, inverse kinematics, morphing, raytracing, file conversion/compression and required formats. Prerequisite: DIGA 101 or permission of the instructor.
  • DA 201 - Images and Meaning: This course investigates the ways in which images convey meaning. Students will look at art, advertisement and popular culture imagery and try to understand the visual codes, subliminal messages and discourses that images carry and which are not always self-evident. Students will be asked to do artistic assignments and visual analysis of different cultural artifacts; they also will be exposed to readings that show different intellectual approaches to understanding images. Photoshop, Illustrator, Semiotics in Advertisement and Contemporary Art, Art History and Theory.

I taught:

  • GRA2144C – Web Publishing: This course includes the design and preparation of Web sites. Focus is from a graphics point of view and emphasis is on the importance of Web page design and layout. Basics of HTML for the Web will be introduced. Software: Dreamweaver & Photoshop. Web languages: HTML & CSS.
  • Introduction to Digital Media This course explores the avenues of contemporary digital design, highlighting the importance of process, innovation and communication. Students will become familiar with design projects ranging from traditional print, sophisticated websites, interactive digital media and motion graphics.
  • COURSE CTS0076- Web Design Program: Internet Skills, XHTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Dreamweaver, FTP, Template design, Spy/AJAX, Web 2.0, Intro to photography, and Photoshop (Web/grid layout, web graphics, special effects and photo retouch).
  • COURSE 0TA0078- Web Design Program: Illustrator, Flash, Social media Marketing, CMS, WordPress theme development, ecommerce, metrics and analytics , Acrobat, Job exit package and portfolio.
  • GRA2142C – Web Effects I: Introduction to the creation of multiple forms in 2D animation. Students will learn the basics of thumbnail storyboarding, object creation and object manipulation for animated sequence. Software: Flash & Photoshop. Web languages: ActionScript 3
  • DMP 3411-Digital Video: This course examines production and post-production technology and techniques that are used to deliver professional quality HD video. Students will capture and edit digital footage for distribution in a variety of video formats. Final Cut Pro, Photoshop & Illustrator.
  • IMD 2351- 3D Modeling & Animation: The student will be introduced to computer-aided design and the concepts of three-dimensional modeling and animation. Flash and Swift 3D.
  • COURSE CTS0077- Web Design Program: Design principles, Fireowrks, SEO, Site management and maintenance, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, podcasting & XML, client project, scope and contract, and internship.
  • GRA2201- Bitmap Graphics I: This course is an introduction to Photoshop hardware which provides an extensive variety of electronic tools for manipulating photographs and creating illustrations. Students will learn the basics of scanning, retouching, color correcting, proofing and output to printer devices. Software: Photoshop & Adobe Bridge.
  • CGR 3621- Continuity in Graphic Design: This course permits the students the opportunity to explore the concept of designing a project fro various uses, such as for print, internet, and interactive media. Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash.
  • IMD 2371-Multimedia Design II: This course allows students to advance the skills necessary to produce effective "information design" in a multimedia environment. Students will explore design principles as they relate to the use of typography, photographs, video, illustration, and interface elements.
  • IMD 2151-Webmastering I: This course provides the opportunity for students to develop skills involved in web site design, development, and maintenance. Dreamweaver, XHTML, CSS & JavaScript.