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Understanding Branding: How to define, build & improve your business presence in Orlando FL

Branding is more than a name and a logo. Regardless if you are a large, small, or non profit organization in Orlando Florida, you can use the power of branding to connect with your customers, while enhancing your business visibility and credibility.

Below you can find the 8 key elements necessary to develop a successful brand. M5 Design Studio can help you improve and take control of your business presence.

8 Key Elements of Branding

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01. Brand Promise

  • Company’s message
  • Company’s Core values
  • Company’s Mission

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02. Brand Name

  • Conceptually Strong
  • Relates to what your business does

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03. Brand Logo

  • Visual icon or mark that identifies a business
  • Must be simple and memorable

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04. Brand Identity

  • Visual aspects that represent a business
  • Brand identity must be consistent

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05. Brand Experience

Customers are more than just a transaction. Your brand should deliver excellent:

  • Customer service
  • Aesthetics
  • Design
  • Usability
  • Quality
  • Sustainability

orlando branding emotional connection

06. Brand Emotional Connection

A brand is the emotional response a business evokes in a customer. Emotional connection motivates the buyer & concretes user loyalty. Some approaches to emotional branding are:

  • Branding as a feeling
  • Branding as a story
  • Branding as a relationship
  • Branding as a lifestyle
  • Branding as an Ideology

orlando brand Perception

07. Brand Perception

  • A brand is the perception of your business
  • A brand only exist only in people’s minds
  • A brand is what your company stands for and what
    it is known for

orlando brand management

08. Brand Management

Branding is what people say about your company when you’re not around. Brand management will help you start the conversations that define your business and your brand. Brand management includes:

    The action of promoting and selling products or services
    Grab attention & create positive perceptions
  • PR:
    Monitor and enhance your public image


Branding is the most complex aspect of a business or organization. Successful branding takes time and consistency. As a business owner, you need to engage everyone in your branding: inside and outside your organization. Successful brands listen to their customers and keep their brand promise.

If you are able to deliver the right emotional connection your customers will believe that you are the only solution to their problems.

Logo Design

  • orlando-logo-design-dynafire
    Fire Alam Supplier Logo
  • orlando-logo-design-gd
    Jewelry Store Logo
  • orlando-logo-design-kat
    Japanese Restaurant Logo
  • orlando-logo-design-wb
  • orlando-logo-design-fru
    Ice Cream Shop Logo
  • orlando-logo-design-tmh
    Medical Services Logo

Corporate Identity

  • orlando graphic design business identity
  • katsu-outside
  • orlando-business-cards-kat
    Katsu Business Cards
  • orlando-graphic-design-identity-flow
    Flow America Corporate Identity
  • orlando-graphic-design-identity-mist
    Mist Corporate Identity
  • orlando-print-folders-LT
    Creama Corporate Identity
  • HBM Promotional Folder
  • HBM Brochure
  • HBM Business Cards


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