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Branding is more than a name and a logo. Whether you are a large, small, or non profit organization in Orlando Florida, you can use the power of branding to connect with your customers, while enhancing your business visibility and credibility.


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    Orlando Branding Services

    M5 Design Studio can help you improve and take control of your business presence.

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    Logo Design

    A Logo is a visual icon or mark that identifies a business. In order for a logo to be successful, it must be simple yet memorable. At our Orlando branding agency, we are experienced at understanding your business’ essence and crafting impactful visual elements.

    Orlando Corporate Identity

    Marketing Collateral

    Marketing collateral encompasses all print and web materials created to promote a service or product. This includes brochures, business cards, email signatures, letterheads, flyers, banners, postcards and folders. Visit our graphic design page to learn more about our experience with print materials

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    Brand Management

    Your brand is a core element of your business and your online marketing strategy. Hence, it is essential to not neglect it. At M5 design studio, our brand management packages include:
    Brand management includes: online marketing strategy, results-oriented advertisement and competitor analysis.

    Key Elements of Branding

    How to Define, Build & Improve Your Business Presence


    01. Brand Promise

    Company’s message, core values, & mission

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    02. Brand Name

    The name must be conceptually strong, and it should relate to what your business does

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    03. Brand Logo

    A simple and memorable icon that identifies a business

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    04. Brand Identity

    Consistent visual aspects in print, web, & video that represent a business

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    05. Brand Experience

    Customers can experience happiness and trust through good customer service, design, quality, usability, & sustainability

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    06. Brand Emotional Connecition

    Emotional connection motivates the buyer & creates user loyalty

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    07. Brand Perception

    A brand is the perception of your business & it only exists in people’s minds

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    08. Brand Management

    Marketing, advertisement, & PR start the conversations that will define your brand

    Brand Marketing FAQ’s

    A brand is the perception of your business. It is a concept that only exists in people’s minds. It encompasses what your company stands for and what it is known for.

    • Conceptually Strong
    • Relates to what your business does

    Branding is important because effective branding attracts customers and inspires customer loyalty. Studies with MRI scanning show that strong brands activate the same part of the brain used in self-identification and rewards. Meanwhile, weak brands showed higher levels of activation in areas of working memory and negative emotional response. Branding includes the visual representation of a company, the brand promise, and the customer’s experience of the company’s products or services, making it the most complex aspect of marketing a business or organization.

    A brand identity package includes logo design, brand name consultation, fonts, colors, messaging, and marketing collateral including business cards, packaging, email templates and brochures.

    Branding Services FAQ’s

    A brand is the emotional response a business evokes in a customer. Emotional connection motivates the buyer & concretes user loyalty. Users are more likely to engage with your business if they establish an emotional connection with your brand.

    A company’s brand promise includes:

    • Company’s message
    • Company’s core values
    • Company’s mission

    The brand promise tells the customer what to expect when interacting with the brand.

    Rebranding is the process of revising a company’s logo, name, or other marketing materials. It is an important aspect of brand marketing for any company with longevity. Logos, slogans, values, and norms for communicating with customers go through a natural cycle and must be revisited and revised periodically. You might be surprised to see the evolution of the Apple logo and other famous logos.

    Companies rebrand to remain relevant in the face of ever-changing aesthetics and modes of communicating. Many business owners fear that if they change a company logo, their brand will no longer be recognizable to customers. On the contrary, rebranding is an important opportunity to engage one’s customer base. Do you remember what the first Apple logo looked like? Imagine if Apple had never rebranded, and still used their 1976 logo today. Would it have the same success and instant recognition as the current logo?

    Additional reasons for rebranding are to distinguish an organization from its competitors, to manage negative response, and to scale up to an international market.


    Logo Design

    Corporate Identity

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