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WordPress Custom Themes

Your WordPress theme defines how your website looks. It is the first thing that your visitors will notice when going to your website. And, even though there are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes, you might still not find one that fits your specific business or brand. Our WordPress developers will take the time to understand your vision for your website and they will create a custom theme for you. Why settle for a theme another business could also be using already? Your business’ identity is unique, so there is no reason why its website shouldn’t be.

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WordPress Custom Plugins

Just as every business has its own way of working, every websites works differently to serve a different purpose or reach a specific audience. At M5 Design Studio, we understand that and that’s why we are experts at developing custom plugins for WordPress websites. Whether you want to promote your portfolio or have a online store, we are here to develop a plugin that serves your needs.

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WordPress Mobile Apps

Are you thinking about taking your business to the next level with a mobile app? Our team is experienced in developing mobile applications using WordPress. Don’t be limited by the desktop or browser views in mobile, take it further with WordPress mobile apps.

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Photoshop layout (PSD) to WordPress Theme

Are you a graphic designer or someone familiarized with Photoshop? Bring us your design and we will make it happen. At M5 Design Studio, we understand your website is a powerful business tool, so we wil respect and honor your ideas. We guarantee our WordPress developers will stay true to your design and they will deliver a website that embraces your vision.


WordPress Themes and Plugins FAQ's

A WordPress Theme is the web design structure that determines how a WordPress website looks. From its layout to the colors or images, the theme is what your visitors will see in your website. There are free themes as well as other ones that are paid for. Even more, many WordPress websites have custom themes developed by web design companies to fit the needs of specific businesses or audiences.

Lastly, it is essential to point out that WordPress themes are designed to be commonly changed or tweaked whenever the necessity for website innovation emerges.

Beyond the website’s appearance, the theme also determines how the content displays in the browser. Through the theme, you decide where and how the content is presented in the front-end of your website. Thus, there are endless options to building and customizing your WordPress theme. For instance, when it comes to your website’s layout, you can choose to have a static or a responsive one; you can have one or two columns, or a layout designed for specific devices. Furthermore, if you want your theme to reflect your business’ brand identity, you can customize fonts, colors, and images through your theme as well.

Effective website design, functionality and user engagement all go hand in hand. Hence, themes are incredibly important in web design, development and in marketing your business.

A plugin is a piece of code that allows you to add a feature to your website. By using a plugin, you can add an extra functionality to your WordPress Website. For example, if you already have your website all set up for your local business, and you now want to share some of its’ content in social media, you can use a plugin for this. In most cases, you only need to find the necessary plugin and install it to your website to have this extra feature. In WordPress, plugins are usually written in PHP, CSS or JavaScript, and they can be free or require purchase.

Sometimes, there are overlaps between themes and plugins when it comes to a website’s functionality. For example, if your theme has a built-in feature, then you might think you do not need to add a plugin to have such feature. Let’s say that you have chosen a theme for your online business with a feature that allows your visitors to add items to a cart, so you don’t have to add a plugin for your website to do this action

This is where the overlap between themes and plugins occurs and when we need to refer to WordPress best practices. In the previous scenario, the best thing to do would be to choose a theme without the “add to cart” feature and to use a plugin instead. Why? Rebranding and the necessity to improve a website’s appearance are common practices. This means that changing themes is common. Thus, if you choose a theme that has an important functionality and one day you decide to change themes, you will lose access to such feature.

In conclusion, according to WordPress best practices, it is always best to assign the design portion of your website to the theme, and the functionality aspect to the plugins.

WordPress Development FAQ's

The WordPress API stands for the WordPress Application Programming Interface. It can be separated into multiple API sections / topics. Each covers the functions involved in and use of a given set of functionality. Together they form what might be called the WordPress API, which is the plugin/theme/add-on interface created by the entire WordPress project.

Putting all the technical and complex details aside, we can simply say that the main function of the WordPress REST API is to allow developers to connect a WordPress website to other sites and application.

WordPress uses PHP as its’ programming language.However, sometimes other languages come into the mix. For example, when it comes to developing plugins, themes or changing the behavior of a WordPress website, WordPress developers use HTML and CSS in addition to PHP.

Simply stated, WordPress is a web software that allows you to create a website and then easily manage its content. Thus, the phrase “WordPress Web Development” not only encompasses actually building the WordPress website, but setting up the CMS(Content Management System). This means that anyone with basic internet skills will be able to update the website’s content, no coding knowledge required.

A WordPress developer is a professional that is intimately familiarized with WordPress core and uses this knowledge to build, test and increase views of a WordPress website. They are knowledgeable of everything from plugins and themes to backing up entire websites and handle security breaches.

A front-end developer is the person in charge of utilizing code to create what the WordPress designer has in mind for the looks of the website. They are the ones that create everything that a website visitor sees, from the buttons they click to the colors of the website.

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