Orlando Graphic Design Portfolio

Featured work from our graphic design portfolio:

Our print projects emphasize a balanced use of design principles and meaningful content. For us graphic design must be clean and simple, so it can highlight the company’s products and services.

Through color, layout, typography and beautiful images we help businesses communicate with their customers and stand apart from their competition.

Promotional Folders

  • orlando-print-folders-FL
    Mortgage Company Folder
  • Lake Tech Promotional Folder
  • HBM Promotional Folder
  • orlando-print-folders-IPS2
    IPS Promotional folder
  • orlando-print-folders-MI
    Energy Star Folder
  • orlando-print-folders-LT
    Dream It. Plan It. Folder


  • Home Care Brochure
  • katsu-outside
  • spa-outside
    Spa Brochure

Business Cards

  • orlando-business-cards-daycare
    Daycare Business Card
  • orlando-business-cards-pre
    Online Start-Up Business Card
  • Massage Therapist Business Card
  • orlando-business-cards-abe
    Firestop Solutions Busienss Card
  • orlando-business-cards-GK
    Cleaning Products Business Card
  • orlando-business-cards-kat
    Japanese Restaurant Business Card

Corporate Identity

  • orlando-graphic-design-identity-kat
    Japanese Restaurant Corporate Identity
  • orlando-graphic-design-identity-flow
    Travel Agency Corporate Identity
  • orlando-graphic-design-identity-crema
    Cafe Corporate Identity


  • orlando-graphic-design-flyers-AB
    Expanding Foam Flyer
  • orlando-graphic-design-flyers-ace
    Thermostat Flyer
  • WB-flyer
    Finish Strong & Earth Day Flyer
  • orlando-graphic-design-flyers-MI
    Energy Star Flyer
  • orlando-graphic-design-flyers-LT
    Career In A Year Flyer
  • Summer Spectacular Flyer


  • orlando-logo-design-dynafire
    Fire Alam Supplier Logo
  • orlando-logo-design-gd
    Jewelry Store Logo
  • orlando-logo-design-kat
    Japanese Restaurant Logo
  • orlando-logo-design-wb
  • orlando-logo-design-fru
    Ice Cream Shop Logo
  • orlando-logo-design-tmh
    Medical Services Logo


  • orlando-postcard-design-sf
    Fitness Postcard
  • orlando-graphic-design-daycare
    Daycare Postcard
  • orlando-graphic-design-mf
    Technical College Promotional Postcard
  • orlando-graphic-design-AD
    Solar Film Postcard
  • orlando-graphic-design-neon
    NightClub Postcard
  • orlando-graphic-design-spa
    Spa Postcard


  • Cafe Juice Menu Poster
  • GD-september
    Financing Special Poster
  • GED… It’s Just the Beginning Poster
  • wb1
    Replenish Rebuild Repair Poster
  • atc-bookstore
    ATC Bookstore Poster
  • barcamp
    Barcamp Poster


  • orlando-packaging-design-wb
    Raw Juice Bar Packaging
  • Expanding Foam Packaging
  • orlando-packaging-design-gk
    Cleaning Products Packaging