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A great website does not have to be expensive, there are quality websites for all budgets and businesses

How can you build a website that is professional, affordable, beautiful, and functional in Orlando or the Central Florida area? How can you avoid a bad experience and tell if an Orlando web design company is reliable and trustworthy? Unfortunately most web designers do not have a great reputation and some can take advantage of your inexperience.

We decided to write this article to show prospective clients what is the overall cost of building a website with an Orlando web design company or a Central Florida web design company.

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If you are a small business owner and need a website you should start small, and later as your business grows you can expand and invest more in your site. For this reason, be sure that your website has the appropriate structure to permit growth in the future. Otherwise when the time comes, you’ll have to start from scratch, and you’ll lose time and money. The cost of building a website depends on three factors:

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Your website’s needs

Do you want to use your website to inform your customers about your services? Or are you looking to set up an online store? The purpose of your website will greatly influence its cost. These are the most common types of websites:

  • Informational websites, which provide site visitors with resources for customers.
  • E-commerce websites, which are essentially online stores.
  • Membership sites. These kind of websites include web spaces that are exclusive for individuals who become members of your organization.

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The experience that the web design company or designer has

Like most professionals, web designers charge for their expertise and years of experience in the field. Thus, it will likely affect the cost of the website.
When choosing a web design company, look at the years of experience and at the company’s reviews. A well-established web design company will usually have reviews from previous customers either on third party websites or own their own site.

Furthermore, if a company has been established in the area for years, it will probably say so on the “About” page. Be thorough when researching a company’s experience, since this will likely affect the cost of your website.

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The size of the Orlando web design company

Although there is no rule set in stone when it comes to web design companies, it is common that bigger web design companies will probably have higher rates due to a myriad of reasons. Sometimes this has to do with the fact that they might be more experienced, and sometimes these companies offer large web design packages in conjunction with other services like logo or graphic design. On the other hand, small businesses might offer more affordable options, but they might have more limited options.

How to Choose a Web Design Agency


It is very important that you research before committing with an Orlando web design company or designer. Web design services should be transparent, open and clear to avoid unexpected charges. Please don’t do business with the first web design company you find; research and discover your possibilities. There are many agencies to choose from, so aim to explore as many as you can. Some of them offer free quotes, or you could always reach out and schedule a meeting to find out if you see yourself working with them. Creating a website is usually a long process, so you will want to choose people who you are compatible with.

Most of the time, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Remember there’s a difference between affordable web design and cheap web design. Your website is a valuable part of your business or organization, and you want to invest your money, not throw it away.

Lastly, if you are looking to redesign your website or strengthen it with SEO, many agencies offer free SEO audits. These evaluations can provide valuable information on your website, which can also give you a good picture of the work (and budget) that your website needs.

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Below you can find some of the main costs of building a website. These prices can vary from company to company but they can give you an overall idea of some of the costs of creating an affordable website in the Central Florida area:

1. Domain Name: A domain name is a unique name that identifies your website in the Internet. The cost can vary between $12.00 to $20.00 USD a year depending where you buy it. We must say, in our experience we’ve seen many unsatisfied clients that paid up to $160.00 USD for a standard domain name. So please be careful, unscrupulous people can take advantage of you.

2. Hosting: Web hosting is where your website is stored. A secure server is necessary to have a healthy website. Depending on your needs, you can spend yearly anywhere from $75.00 USD for shared hosting to $780.00 USD for a dedicated server. $90.00 to $120.00 USD is the most common fee for a standard small business website.

3. Design and development: A small business website (8 to 16 Web pages) can cost in Orlando Florida between $4,500 to $6,000 USD. The websites can include: custom layout & graphics, a contact form, a blog, media gallery & basic SEO.



1. Website Maintenance: Once your website is up and running you must take care of it and maintain it. If your website was done with WordPress or Joomla you might be able to do some updates yourself. However, unless you are a web developer, you need to please consider that technology always changes and this impacts your website directly. New browsers and new developing languages demand that you stay on top of the game to make sure that your website performs properly. A small business can spend yearly around $800.00 to $1,500 USD in web maintenance, but if you find a good web design company it is totally worth it. You need to concentrate on running your business, not learning PHP and CSS.

2. SEO: If you have a website and it doesn’t generate any traffic you have wasted your time and money. It is important to invest in SEO or search engine optimization to ensure that customers will find you so you can make more profits. SEO packages in Orlando Florida vary between $500.00 and $1,500.00 USD.

3. Website Security: if you maintain your website properly, security updates usually go along with your platform’s regular updates. However, there is always a risk for security breaches in websites. This is why you should consider allocating time to go over your website’s firewalls and security updates every once in a while. Many web design companies offer customer support for security issues. So, if you would like to completely focus on your business, you should consider investing in hiring one.

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In conclusion, the cost of a website can vary greatly depending upon the site’s needs and the Orlando web design company, advertising agency, or freelancer creating the website. The most important thing is that you find an Orlando web design company that is honest and reliable. Paying for good service is totally worth it!

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