SEO-Search Engine Optimization: Rank well in Google

SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential part of a successful website. If you live in Orlando FL or the Central Florida Area and you want to improve your website’s SEO this article can help you. Below you’ll find some of the most important recommendations that Google has put together for developers and designers to improve the way that websites are found, indexed, and ranked.

Google 101:

Before getting into SEO, it is important to understand the basic SEO vocabulary. Let’s get started!

a) Googlebot:
Googlebot is Google’s web crawling bot. Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.

b) Crawling:
Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index. If you want to have a successful website, you must understand how Google knows about your site and how it can find it.

b) Indexing:
Googlebot processes each of the pages it crawls in order to compile a massive index of all the words it sees and their location on each page. If your website doesn’t have a clear and organized structure, Googlebots will not be able to index properly your site.

c) PageRank:
PageRank is the measure of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other pages. You need to promote your website in other websites that are relevant to your industry in order to improve your PageRank.

Google Guidelines:

Now you are ready to learn about Goggle’s design and content guidelines. Here we go!

In order to have a profitable and rewarding website you must:

Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links.

  1. Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site.
  2. Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.
  3. Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.
  4. Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content, or links. The Google crawler doesn’t recognize text contained in images.
  5. Make sure that your elements and ALT attributes are descriptive and accurate.
    Check for broken links and correct HTML.

Submit your site to Google:

When your site is ready follow the following steps:

a) Submit it to Google at

b) Submit a Sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools. Google uses your Sitemap to learn about the structure of your site and to increase our coverage of your webpages.

c) Make sure all the sites that should know about your pages are aware your site is online.

Please don’t forget that nobody can promise you to make you #1 in Google. It takes time, dedication and effort to achieve a good ranking in Google. Meanwhile please visit Google’s the Webmaster Essentials and Webmaster Tools to learn more about SEO and how to improve your site.

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