Social media analytics tools: track & increase your business

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1. PeopleBrowsr

Find out how your audience is engaging with your brand and your industry. What are the most popular brands online? Discover relevant conversations, advocates, influencers, and brand opportunities.

  • Search services include Geo Search & Local Trending ReTweets
  • Analytics services include: Track keywords, trends, @names, brand mentions & audience profiles

CHeck it out at:


2. Kyoo

Kyoo aggregates all the buzz around your favorite topics from the most popular social media sites,  all in one place. Services include mentions from Twitter and Facebook, heat maps & Trending Topics.

Check it out at:

3. Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster provides the world’s first intelligent social media dashboard designed to help businesses effectively grow and manage their presence online.
Check it out at: pageLever

4.  PageLever

Better Facebook Analytics than you ever thought possible.

If you think Facebook Insights leaves something to be desired, you’re not alone. Services include visitors gender and location & measure how many new fans, comments, and post likes come from mobile devices.

CHeck it out at:

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