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Mental Ray Quality: Producing Photorealistic Images

Mental Ray for Maya offers all the features traditionally expected of photorealistic rendering. Mental Ray is also the industry-standard 3D rendering

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Studio Lighting / Three Point Lighting in Maya 3D 2012

Maya Lighting resembles real word lighting techniques used in photography & film. Maya has a number of light sources ( Area, Directional, Ambient,

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Optimizing a scene in Maya 3D 2012

1. Optimize Scene Size The optimize scene size feature allows you to remove empty, invalid, or unused parts from the scene to reduce its size. You ca

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Organizing your Scene: Using Layers in Maya 3D 2012

1. Rename objects: In order to organize your scene, first you need rename your objects. Do one of the following: a) Select an object or node and

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Projects & Scenes in Maya 3D 2012

1. Maya 2012 Projects Before you start to working in Maya 2012, you need to set a project. A project stores all the files related to a particular sc

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Autodesk Maya 3D 2012 Essential Shortcuts & Cheat Sheet

Essential shortcuts include: Mouse: tumble, track or dolly Hot keys Menus Display Snapping operations Selecting objects and components

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