What is Branding?

Orlando Branding Agency: What is branding?

  • The emotional response a business evokes in a customer
  • Is the perception of your business
  • Brands exist only in people’s minds

Good Branding Characteristics:

  • Delivers a clear message
  • Stands for a unique set of values
  • Confirms credibility
  • Connects customers emotionally
  • Motivates the buyer
  • Concretes user loyalty

What Can Be Branded?

  • Products
  • Services
  • Places
  • People
  • Religion

What affects branding?

  • Customer service
  • Aesthetics
  • Design
  • Usability
  • Quality
  • Sustainability

How Is Good Branding Achieved?

Branding is what people say & how they feel about your company. Brand management will help you start the conversations that define your business and your brand. Brand management includes:

    The action of promoting and selling products or services
    Grab attention & create positive perceptions
  • PR:
    Monitor and enhance your public image


  • How can I help you?
    Do you have questions about branding? If you live in Orlando or the Central Florida area I would love to hear from you; let’s talk!
  • To get in touch please fill this contact form or email me directly at info@m5designstudio.com. I will answer you within the next 48 hours.
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