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CSS Page Layout: Understanding CSS Positioning

There are 3 ways of creating CSS layouts:

  1. Using floats & margins
  2. Using absolute positioning
  3. Using relative positioning

So, what technique should you use? Without a doubt the easiest & cleanest way to create a layout is using floats & margins.

Using floats and margins requires less code than using relative and absolute positioning and this technique also takes advantage of the cascading properties of CSS.

One layout 3 techniques:

Let’s take a simple HTML page like this:

web design before

And change the layout like the image below using:

  1. Floats & margins
  2. Absolute positioning
  3. Relative positioning

web design after

1. CSS Page layout using floats & margins:

css layout using floats & margins

2. CSS Page layout using absolute positioning:

css layout absolute positioning

2. CSS Page layout using relative positioning:

css layout using relative positioning

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