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Email newsletters are a powerful tool for any business. There are many benefits of email newsletters, but the most important one is that they keep your customers engaged in a very cost-efficient way.

Newsletter analytics can also help you understand your business’ strengths and weaknesses.  Since most newsletters automatically track opens, clicks, unsubscriptions and bounces.

So, what service should you use to create, deliver and track newsletters? AWeber, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact? Well, it depends on your needs and the number of subscribers and emails you need to send. The companies above charge you based on the number of subscribers that the account has.

I personally love Mail Chimp,  but many features like auto responders, are only available for paying accounts.

If you own a small business in Orlando or Central Florida, and if you have a WordPress website, MyMail Wordpress Plugin can be a great option for you!

MyMail, is my favorite Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress! This plugin makes it very easy to create, send and track newsletter campaigns. To create a newsletter is just like adding a new post to your website. And the best part is that you don’t need to pay any monthly fees.

orlando wordpress email newsletter

You can also keep track of your customers. Built in analytics make it easy to see who receives, opens, clicks, and unsubscribes from your newsletters. It also tracks undeliverable emails (bounces), & shows you the geographical location of  who opens your newsletters.

If you want more detailed analytics, you can integrate Google Analytics with MyMail Newsletter Plugin.

This plugin also has available auto responders! You can send welcome messages to new subscribers or special offers to your loyal customers.

MyMail WordPress Plugin also allows you to:

  • Create multiple marketing  lists
  • Limit receivers with conditions
  • Schedule your Campaigns
  • Offer a web version of the newsletters
  • Share with Social Media services
  • Add subscription forms as a widget, on pages through shortcodes, and directly on the theme

However, there’s one important thing you have to do before purchasing this plugin. Since all emails will be sent through your web hosting company,  you need to contact them to verify if your current web hosting plan supports sending mass emails. All companies have different policies (depending of the web hosting plan) but some common guidelines are:

  • Processes should not send outbound mail to more than 25 recipients at any given time.
  • The maximum number of members per mailing list is 1,500.

If your mailing list is larger than 1,500 members, you can upgrade your web hosting plan  or you can migrate to a third party company like Mail Chimp.

If you live in Orlando or Central Florida and need help setting up a Newsletter for your business, please contact me for a free quote!

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