The Essentials of The Facebook Pixel Update

The Essentials of The Facebook Pixel Update

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As our time spent in front of screens increases, and we are bombarded with more and more advertisements, it becomes more challenging for business owners, advertisers and marketers to create ads that address the needs of their specific audiences. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that facilitate this process. The one making headlines right now? Facebook Pixel.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is a tool that allows you to measure how effective your advertisements are by looking at the actions your site visitors take (where they click, what they buy, etc). This information collected by Pixel is extremely valuable since it can help business owners and advertisers to target their desired audiences and create relevant ads.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Facebook Pixel?

Pixel offers many benefits, from helping you reach your customers to analyzing the traffic in your page. Here are just a few:

  • Provides valuable information about your audience. As we have mentioned before, Pixel offers information on purchase and browsing activity.
  • Helps you create relevant content and ads. You need to know what are your audience’s interests, so you can customize your advertisements to match those interests.
  • It includes features that generate more sales. Pixel offers the option of setting up automatic bidding to users that are likely to make purchases.

Pixel Update and Cookies

As many marketers and advertisers know, Facebook has mostly worked with third-party cookies. However, on October 24th, 2018 Facebook will also use first-party cookies on their website. According to Facebook, “This change is in line with updates made by other online platforms, as use of first-party cookies for ads and site analytics is becoming the preferred approach by some browsers.”

With this update, Facebook will offer advertisers and business owners the option to use Pixel with either both first and third-party cookies or with third-party cookies only. In any case, businesses will still need to comply with Facebook’s terms and conditions when it comes to cookies and privacy (feel free to check it out by visiting Facebook Business Tools Terms )

All in all, Facebook will continue to offer Pixel while requiring the disclosure of the use of cookies. If you have not taken advantage of this analytics tool, make sure to check it out to build your audience and generate the sales your business needs! To learn more about marketing with Facebook, read our article Facebook Instant Articles For WordPress.

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If you need help setting up a Facebook advertisement campaign or a Facebook pixel to track your Facebook ads, please contact us.  We are an Orlando Web Design company specialized on online marketing & SEO.

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