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There is no way we can talk about the current state of e-commerce technologies without mentioning WordPress’ WooCommerce. This is a free plugin that allows users to easily sell anything online. As a matter of fact, Woocommerce is the e-commerce system powering the most online stores in the world, and it has just released its’ latest version. If you want to stay in the loop with the latest trends in e-commerce and sell seamlessly, continue reading!

What you need to know about WooCommerce 3.5

Here we give you the essential and innovative features this plugin has to offer:


This API has new endpoints and features added to existing endpoints. Among these are:

  • A reviews endpoint to list, get, create, and update product reviews.
  • Date fields are now editable on the products endpoint, and the endpoint has been updated to work with the “on backorder” stock status introduced in WC 3.3.
  • Refund line items through the API.
  • Improved copy for transactional emails
  • Updated default wording of WooCommerce’s transactional e-mails to make them friendlier and less robotic.Having better default content for the transactional e-mails reduces the need for custom e-mail templates and overrides, and it will improve the customer experience.

Features for Store Owners

  • Exporting products by category in the CSV exporter.
  • Setting a low-stock threshold for individual products.
  • Payment method settings page with improved accessibility.

Features for Developers

If you are working behind the scenes in the online store world, here are the features for you:

  • Support for the wc-admin feature plugin. There are efforts to modernize of the WooCommerce admin experience. This release adds the API endpoints required by the feature plugin.
  • New filters and actions to increase the customization of WooCommerce.
  • Support for the Custom Product Tables feature plugin, which includes custom database tables to store product data and improve the performance and scalability of WooCommerce.

So, how do I upgrade my WordPress Website?

Upgrading WooCommerce can be challenging. Although, according to WooCommerce offcial site “3.5 is a minor update and should be compatible with sites running any version of WooCommerce greater than or equal to 3.0.”

As a leading Orlando E-commerce and WordPress company, we recommend the following:

  1. Set up a testing environment to verify that all your plugins & theme are compatible with the new WooCommerce version
  2. Backup your site’s files & database
  3. Upgrade
  4. Test

If you are ready to upgrade to WooCommerce 3.5 or join the 24,716 websites that use WooCommerce, check out the WordPress Repository.

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At M5 Design Studio, we have over 14 years of experience working with E-commerce. Our Orlando E-commerce and WordPress specialists,  can help you with upgrade or adding WooCommerce to your WordPress Website. Contact us now for a free quote!

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