Google My Business Descriptions Are Back!

Orlando Web Design Company

Orlando Web Design Company

Google has brought back the description field to Google My Business, which was previously removed in 2016. In the past, the limit was 200 characters, which was later changed to 4,500 characters. Now the brief description of the business can be up to 750 characters.

Any business regardless of size can now use the description field as long as they meet the requirements to have a Google My Business listing (must be a business with in-person contact during business hours with customers). A business that is still in the making, rental properties, and any service at a location not owned by the business owner is not allowed to have a business listing.

The purpose of these descriptions is to emphasize what makes your business one of a kind. This description can give insights about services and products offered and the history of the business. The best way to use the Google My Business description is similar to an elevator pitch. Therefore, you don’t want to use it to spam keywords or use all capital letters. An email address and/or a phone number can be included.

Guidelines For Google My Business Description

The following are Google’s guidelines of what the descriptions can’t contain:

Misleading Description

Information in the description cannot be fabricated or inaccurate.

Irrelevant Description

Content can’t be unrelated or low-quality, such as rambling and grammar/spelling issues.

Highlight Sales

Information about special promotions can’t be in the description.


No links of any kind can be in the description.

Offensive Description

Any content that is hateful, profane, violent or sexually explicit is not tolerated.

Unpermitted Content

Nothing about selling dangerous or illegal products/service can be mentioned. No content about exploiting children can be posted.

How to add the description to your Google My Business page

  1. Log in to Google My Business
  2. Click on “Info”
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to “Add Business Description”
  4. Enter your brief description
  5. Click “Apply”

Orlando SEO Design Company


Orlando SEO Company

Do you need help with Google My Business Descriptions? We can help! If you are located in Orlando or the Central Florida area and need help with Google My Business contact us for a free quote!

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