WordPress Plugin ACF 5.0. is now Compatible with Gutenberg!

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Orlando WordPress Developer

With Gutenberg’s release just around the corner, we all want to make sure our WordPress websites are going to continue functioning properly. Thankfully, one of the most used WordPress plugins has just released an updated version that is not only compatible with Gutenberg, but also includes new innovating features. Keep reading for a quick summary of ACF 5.0.

According to ACF’s(Advanced Custom Fields) website, this update has been years in the making and includes: Compatibility with WordPress’ new text editor “Gutenberg”
a fresh new UI, super fast performance, new fields, improved Import/Export settings, and much more.

Compatibility with Gutenberg

ACF 5.0 is not only compatible with WordPress’ new text editor, but it will also have features that will work with Gutenberg specifically. If you are having issues remembering Gutenberg and what it means for WordPress developers, make sure to check out our article.

Brand new UI

The User Interface for ACF 5.0 has a new design. It is cleaner, more elegant and overall friendlier looking.

Faster Performance

As you can see, the improvements are not only to the front end of this plugin. The ACF 5.0 developers used more Ajax powered search and new features to speed up the loading page waiting time.

New Fields

Why settle with the same old fields? This update has link, group, accordion and many more new fields.

Improved Import/Export Settings

ACF 5.0 is now introducing new(and better) ways of importing and exporting field groups. From JSON to PHP, the import and export settings are now better than ever.

So, how do I upgrade?

First of all, make sure you take a look at the Upgrade Guide. After you are finishing installing it, a database upgrade will be necessary, and that is all!

If you want to learn more about this update, make sure to read this article, and don’t forget to check out incoming articles on our website for updates on ACF, Gutenberg and everything related to WordPress Development

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Are you looking for web design help to upgrade to ACF 5.0? We are WordPress experts with years of experience in Orlando and Central Florida. Contact us now and stay up to date!

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