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The WordPress plugin Duplicator, is usually used to create a zip file that bundles all the site’s plugins, themes, content, database and WordPress files, and to migrate WordPress website. Unfortunately, WordPress has recently detected a security vulnerability that could jeopardize your site’s protection against hackers.

However a patch has been released already to help you fix this security issue. According to WordPress this has been accomplished through the use of installer.php scripts generated by patched versions of Duplicator. The plugin now uses addslashes() to sanitize the database connection strings input by users.

How do I fix this?

If you have Duplicator installed in your website, go ahead and update it immediately through the WordPress dashboard or by downloading it manually through the WordPress plugin repository.

However, if you have used Duplicator in the past to migrate a WordPress Website, check in there any leftover files(installer.php and installer-backup.php)and remove them.

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