WordPress Coding Standards 1.1.0 are Now Available

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If you are a WordPress Developer, one of the major challenges in today’s development universe is to keep up with the constant change of coding standards in the different platforms. WordPress, as many other platforms has recently updated theirs! Make sure not to miss them.

WordPress Developers & Coding Standards

Coding standards are essential for collaboration when it comes to web development. They allow multiple developers to work on a website in a clean and organized manner.

Coding Standards systematize the coding, help avoid coding errors, and ensure that websites look and function as if they were built by one person. If you want to learn more about their importance, may be take a look at this article by WordPress.

What are the new WordPress Coding Standards?

WordPress has added, changed, & fixed coding standards in its latest revision. According to the WordPress Coding Standards release 1.1.0, these are some of the recently added and changed coding standards:


  • New WordPress.PHP.NoSilencedErrors sniff. This sniff replaces the Generic.PHP.NoSilencedErrorssniff which was previously used and included in the WordPress-Core ruleset.
  • Metrics to the WordPress.NamingConventions.PrefixAllGlobals sniff to aid people in determining the most commonly used prefix in a legacy project.


  • The PEAR.Functions.FunctionCallSignature sniff, which is part of the WordPress-Core ruleset, used to allow multiple function call parameters per line in multi-line function calls. This will no longer be allowed.
    As of this release, if a function call is multi-line, each parameter should start on a new line and an error will be thrown if the code being analysed does not comply with that rule.The sniff behaviour for single-line function calls is not affected by this change.
  • Moved the WordPress.CodeAnalysis.EmptyStatement sniff from the WordPress-Extra to the WordPress-Core ruleset.

For the complete list of WordPress Coding Standards 1.1.0, visit the official WordPress Coding Standards release.

Stay up-to-date with Coding Standards, so you can contribute to the WordPress Developer Community.

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