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Instagram has evolved tremendously in the past few years. With changes and improvements such as stories features, picture filters and more, this social media giant is far from done. The latest feature, however, is geared towards business owners. Several sources report that Instagram is preparing to release Local Business Profile Pages, which are apparently similar in content to the Google Knowledge Graph, or your standard Google my Business page.

What is on the New Instagram Local Business Profile Pages?

These pages are going to include the following basic information about businesses: address, phone number, hours, price range, website and business category. So far, only images appear to be included on the profiles although with the expansion of the use of video, we can only hope for these pages to eventually include video formats.

In addition, just like Google my Business pages, business owners will be able to claim their business profiles. However, this is reportedly going to be done through Facebook. Ultimately, one of the major advantages these Instagram pages will have are the popular Instagram stories. Your users will go through their friends stories, and they’ll will likely land on your business’ story (if you make the smart decision of posting one). See below for a sneak peak of the feature, or take a direct look at Raj Nijjer original Twitter post with the pictures.

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How can I take advantage of Instagram Local Business Profile Pages?

To make sure you are getting the most out of these new pages, follow the next tips:

    1. Check your Facebook Business Profile:

      Double check that the information on your Facebook profile is accurate and update as your Instagram Local Business Profile Page will likely be somewhat linked to your business’ Facebook page.

    2. Think twice about your Instagram posts:

      Leaked screenshots of these pages show that at least three thumbnails will be featured at the top of your profile. If this is the case, you want to make sure that your Instagram posts are attention grabbing and in accordance with your business’ brand.

    3. Do not neglect Instagram stories:

      Instagram users are often inclined to go through their stories, so make sure you place your business where your clients are going to look. In fact, According to Instagram’s own data, over 500 million user accounts watch an Instagram Story every day.

Although an official statement has not been released about this feature, it is highly important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social media. Go where your potential clients are and maximize your digital marketing strategy with effective social media content.

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