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According to Hootsuite , 250 million people use Pinterest every month and  77.4 million out of those 250 are reported to be Americans.

This social media platform, which is strikingly different from the rest, focuses on ideas rather than users themselves. And the way that these ideas are shared is through the “pins” that link to different websites.

These “pins”,  can be created by users that use “boards” as wish lists for items they want to purchase or by business advertising directly on Pinterest. And, although Pinterest’s social media advertising platform works similarly to other networks, the difference lays in the numbers, as 55% of Pinners (Pinterest users) actually come to the site looking specifically for products.

Why Should I Use Pinterest for my Business?

Marketers know that Pinterest is a fantastic a marketplace where users are searching for products or completing purchases. In fact, Hootsuite also reported 59% of millennials discovered new products through Pinterest, and 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions. This means that Pinterest not only brings traffic to your business’ website, it brings potential customers.

Thus, if your business uses this platform as part of their digital marketing strategy, you better start creating content that can be placed in front of that previously mentioned 55% of users.

However, it is not enough to have content in your Pinterest channel (as anyone can create mediocre content). You need to create content that is relevant to your audience for that specific time they are login into Pinterest to look for products. And even though this can sound like a impossible task, Pinterest has made it easier by releasing a seasonal guide for your content.

You can look at major events throughout the year and start planning out when is more likely for users to look for your products.

Orlando Social Media Marketing Agency: How To Create Content That Brings Traffic To Your Website

The Pinterest Seasonal Insights guide can help you determine when to advertise and create content to maximize sales. For example, let’s say that you own a bakery and that you are running a Valentine’s Day special that includes heart-shaped cookies and pink cupcakes. The ideal time to reach out to your customers would be they are planning their Valentines dates, which most people think is a month before Valentines.

Nonetheless, the Pinterest guides actually shows Pinners started looking for products and ideas related to Valentines’ in January(statistics show pinners start planning the earliest than users from other platforms). Here are a few highlights of major events, and when users start planning for them:

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This amazing guide even includes templates to start planning your seasonal content. We especially recommend you conduct your research on the most popular search terms of the season and make sure you include them on your Pinterest campaign planning to maximize your website’s traffic.

Although Pinterest might not be the social media platforms of all audiences, it is quickly expanding to more and more users. And, If you have a business that is highly visual, make sure to get on Pinterest for Business and start creating the content that can bring you traffic.

Orlando Social Media Marketing Company

At M5 Design studio, we are an experienced social media marketing company. If you would like Orlando’s top digital marketing agency to create content that reaches your targeted audience and increases your website’s traffic, contact us now.


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