Wholesale Plugin for WooCommerce

Wholesale Plugin for WooCommerce

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It’s the dawn of a new era for online wholesale stores. WPExperts recently released a new WordPress plugin Wholesale for WooCommerce. For the first time, this plugin allows you to house your retail and wholesale e-commerce stores all on the same website.

Wholesalers can now log in with a password protected user profile to view wholesale prices, while retail users view retail prices on the same products. This plugin eliminates the need for separate wholesale and retail websites, allowing distributors to seriously cut down the time and money required to sell and manage products online.

Wholesale for WooCommerce Features

Described as “the most powerful and versatile solution for B2B e-commerce”, this plugin is loaded with features to manage every aspect of your inventory and sales for both wholesale and retail customers. Here are a few of the features you’ll want to check out.

  1. Custom User Roles & Pricing
  2. Tax, Shipping and Payment Management
  3. Private Store Area for Wholesale
  4. Set Limitations & Minimums per User Role
  5. Generate Residual Income with Subscriptions

Custom User Roles & Pricing

Custom user roles allows you to create multiple logins for different wholesale and retail users and control pricing and products visible to them based on the user role.

You can apply discounts globally, per product, or per category. And you can filter and sort orders from wholesale and retail users.

That’s right, multiple different levels access to products and pricing based on the user role. The advanced wholesale registration form builder allows you to gather all the specific information you need, and you can approve or accept registration requests manually or automatically.

Tax, Shipping and Payment Management

Create tax exempt categories for wholesale users and change shipping costs and settings per user roles. You can also enable or disable specific payment methods per user role.

Private Store Area for Wholesale

Create a password protected online store area where wholesale users can browse the same products with wholesale prices and other wholesale specifications that you have set.

You can restrict product and category visibility for retail or wholesale, and you can disable coupons per retail or wholesale.

Set Limitations & Minimums per User Role

Wholesale for WooCommerce allows you to set minimum and maximum ordering quantities per user role. You can also specify a minimum quantity at the time the user adds a product to the cart.

Generate Residual Income with Subscriptions

This plugins integrates with WooCommerce Subscription to manage monthly subscription orders for wholesale clients, generating residual income to fuel your business. The WooCommerce Subscription extension is required to make use of this feature.

Wholesale Website Design FAQ's

A wholesaler is a business-to-business distributor, while a retailer is a business-to-consumer model. A wholesaler sells products at low prices to other businesses who will resell them at a retail price. A retailer buys products from a wholesaler to then sell at higher price point directly to consumers.

Yes, a wholesaler can also sell retail if they have the organizational capacity to provide customer service to individual customers with small orders. The WooCommerce for Wholesalers plugin allows wholesalers to manage their retail and wholesale online stores on the same website.

You can start a wholesale website by first conducting market research to identify opportunities in the industry. You’ll need a reliable web development company to build and maintain your site to ensure that it functions smoothly.

We recommend building a wholesale website with WordPress and using the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce to create your online store. We have found WooCommerce to be the most user friendly, reliable, and customizable option for creating your store.

WordPress Web Development

If you are looking for a WordPress Web Development company to build or maintain your online wholesale or retail store, M5 Design Studio has the expertise you need. With over 15 years in the industry, we will make sure your online store is secure and functional. Contact us online for a free quote, or call us at (407) 968-6296.

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