Brand Marketing FAQ’s

Brand Marketing FAQ’s

What is a brand in marketing?

A brand is the perception of your business. It is a concept that only exists in people’s minds. It encompasses what your company stands for and what it is known for.

What are the characteristics of a good brand name?

  • Conceptually Strong
  • Relates to what your business does

Why is branding important?

Branding is important because effective branding attracts customers and inspires customer loyalty. Studies with MRI scanning show that strong brands activate the same part of the brain used in self-identification and rewards. Meanwhile, weak brands showed higher levels of activation in areas of working memory and negative emotional response. Branding includes the visual representation of a company, the brand promise, and the customer’s experience of the company’s products or services, making it the most complex aspect of marketing a business or organization.

What is included in a brand identity package?

A brand identity package includes logo design, brand name consultation, fonts, colors, messaging, and marketing collateral including business cards, packaging, email templates and brochures.