Google Ads Verification 2023 FAQ’s

Google Ads Verification 2023 FAQ’s

What is advertiser verification on Google Ads?

Advertiser verification is a process that Google requires some advertisers to complete in order to display their name and location on their ads. This helps users understand who is behind the ads they see and make more informed decisions.

How do I pass Google advertiser verification?

To pass Google advertiser verification, you need to submit documents that prove your identity and location, such as a government-issued ID or a business registration certificate. You can do this in your Google Ads account under “Tools & Settings” –> “Billing” –> “Advertiser verification”.

How long does Google advertiser verification take?

Google will review your application and send you an email notification about your advertiser verification status within 5-7 business days. You can check your verification status in your Google Ads account.

Is Google advertiser verification mandatory?

Google advertiser verification is mandatory for some advertisers who are selected or eligible for the program. Google will notify you via an in-account notification and/or an email if you need to complete the verification by a certain deadline. If you fail to do so, your ads may be paused or restricted until you complete the verification.

For further information on the forthcoming changes to the advertiser verification program, please refer to the official Google Ads Help Center resources: