Social Media Day FAQ’s

Social Media Day FAQ’s

Why is Social Media Day celebrated?

Social Media Day is celebrated by businesses, organizations and influencers to recognize the impact of social media as a tool that we all use every day to communicate across the globe.

Who started Social Media Day?

Social Media Day was started on June 30, 2010 by Mashable, a tech and entertainment company. Every year, Mashable hosts Social Media Day gatherings around the globe on June 30 to celebrate social media as “the heart of global communication.” Today, businesses and organizations around the world participate in Social Media Day in various ways, recognizing the impact of social media on culture, movements, and interpersonal communication globally.

How do we celebrate World Social Media Day?

There are no rules to celebrating Social Media Day, but the most widely used hashtags to participate online are #SMDay and #SocialMediaDay. We recommend celebrating with an online event, an in-person event that incorporates social media, or a special post to your social media channels using the #SMDay hashtag.

What businesses should post on social media?

At M5 Design Studio, we recommend that all businesses post on social media because it is an important way of interacting with customers. Additionally, a little known fact is that Google actually factors the social media channels featured on your website (ie. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) into your ranking in Google Search results. Google assumes that business with active social media channels have more legitimacy, so participating in social media marketing is an important part of improving your overall online marketing presence.

What is engaging content for social media?

Engaging content for social media depends entirely on your business and your brand. Some types of social media posts that generate engagement are trending video challenges, memes, contests, photos and videos with personal stories, and infographics. The most important part of engaging your audience on social media is posting consistently.