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Google this week finally announced an update to the Penguin algorithm. As you know Google crawls the Internet using a set of algorithms with parameters to rank websites.

In 2012 the Penguin algorithm was introduced to deal with problems such as keyword stuffing and link schemes. The update punished the underhanded tactics that some websites used to game Google’s ranking system which allowed them to outrank honest websites. Had this environment continued The overall quality of the Internet would have suffered.

Keyword stuffing is where a website will cram any and every possible related keyword on a webpage in order to manipulate search results. Link schemes usually are “paid to link” services that circumvent Google’s page rank algorithm. It uses hundreds of links to nonsense websites to artificially boost a website. This update was very successful and allowed webmaster to focus on creating content for an amazing website without fear of being outranked by a few cheap tricks.

This new update improves Penguin greatly in two big ways:

1. Penguin is now real-time.

It used to be that Penguin would not refresh for a page automatically with all of the other algorithms. It would only trigger after significant changes had been made and then only after a certain amount of time. Now Penguin’s data is updated in real-time. Typically taking place moments after Google crawls a website.

2. Penguin is now more granular.

Instead of affecting the website ranking as a whole, Penguin using different spam signals to adjust the ranking of spam.

It is important to remember that Penguin is simply one out of 200 different signals that Google takes into account to determine a page’s ranking.

Google reiterates that webmaster should simply focus on creating compelling and interesting webpages that users want to see. These changes are reinforcing that desire by penalizing those that would try to game the system.

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