5 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter for Your Business

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If you are a business owner in Orlando or the central Florida area, Online reviews can make all the difference when a customer decides which company to go with. Below are the 5 most important reasons to get customers to review your business.

1. Higher Customer Visibility

With all the products and services that are available to potential customers, online reviews cut through the noise and let customers communicate opinions with one another. People are much more likely to buy a product that’s recommended by others. Reviews give the uninformed consumer an edge when deciding to buy. They also give you the opportunity put your best foot forward to the consumer.

2. Better Search Engine Rankings

The big search engines, Google and Bing, take into account the amount of Internet chatter that your business is creating and adjusts your ranking. The more reviews you get the more important you are judged to be. After reaching 5 reviews, gold stars, indicating your average review score, will appear on your Google Map page. This shows customers right away that you are worth clicking on.

3. More Keyword Content

Online reviews will continually increase the SEO keywords for you business. The more keywords used in your reviews the more keywords your business will show up for whether these are products, cities, or services. Reading your reviews can give you ideas for possible new keywords to rank for. It’s a pipeline into the mind of your customer keeping you ahead of the curve.

4. Spark Loyal Customer Engagement

People naturally enjoy being in a community. Giving them a space to speak and interact allows you to understand what consumers enjoy about your business. Customers will often tell you what other products they want you create and sell. They’ll speak highly of you if they feel they can provide meaningful feedback.

5. More Sales!

The prominence and recognition that you’ll accumulate with online reviews will translate into more sales. They are more likely to purchase a product that someone else has recommended. If they see positive interaction between your business and other customer then you have already become a trusted source in their eyes. This process will create a feedback loop and grow your reputation.

Where do I get started?

The best way to get started is to get over to Facebook, Yelp, Google+ and sign up. These are by far the most used and trusted sites to review businesses.

How do I get my customers to write review?

Ask them! Customers are willing to reward a good experience but won’t often think of writing one on their own. Make it a priority that a customer gets asked to write a review. Make cards with links to the review site and hand them out. If that is not having an impact then offer a discount to your customers who write a review. A few dollars off their next purchase for a couple minutes of their time will definitely get the reviews flowing.

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