How to Create a Landing Page

How to Create a Landing Page

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Landing pages are a necessity if you need to create sales from online traffic, whether paid or organic. If you were in a physical store, your landing page would be your product display. Imagine going into a shoe store where you had to go through a maze of several rooms and dig through bins to find any actual shoes. That is what your website feels like to the user without effective landing pages. When someone types in the good or service they are looking for, they want to be directed to a web page that matches that product exactly. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What Is a Landing Page?
  • Are Landing Pages Good for SEO?
  • 5 “Must-Have” Elements of a Landing Page
  • Landing Page Examples

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page on your website that drives visitors to take action: make a purchase, sign up, or schedule a free estimate, for example. The landing page showcases a good or service that you offer and has an easily available call to action button. If you do any type of online advertising, a landing page is a necessity. If someone types in “management consulting services”, they need to know A) what is the service you offer, B) why they should choose you, and C) how to get in touch or make a purchase. If the user has to comb through your website to find information about this service, you will likely lose the customer to another website right next to yours that has this information readily available.

Are Landing Pages Good for SEO?

Yes, landing pages are good for SEO because they help Google categorize what your business actually does. Having the correct keywords on your landing page that match the product you are promoting allows users to find you the good old-fashioned way: through the Google search bar.

What Is the Difference Between a Home Page and a Landing Page?

Your home page is like your storefront and represents your brand. It describes your overall brand and services you offer. It is designed to help people navigate to the specific service they want. Meanwhile, a landing page is created specifically to describe one service and generate leads and income. A landing page doesn’t have to be static. You can change your landing pages as your goods and services change.

5 “Must-Have” Elements of a Landing Page

So what makes an effective landing page? Here are 5 non-negotiable elements that every landing page should include.

  1. Description of the Service

Give your customer exactly what they’re looking for. Your landing page should be the simple solution to a question such as, “Where can I find the camping stove I want?” or “How do I get involved with this cause?” Describe your product or service and make it easy for your customer to see that you are the match for what they are looking for. Find out the search terms that your audience is using such as “camping stove near me” or “donate to food bank”. Make sure you include these search terms in the description so that your landing page shows up in search results.

  1. Call for Action

Give your customer an obvious way to take immediate action by either contacting you, scheduling a consultation, or making a purchase. Make the options big, bold, and easily clickable. Do not require your customers to click through three different pages before they reach an action page. You will lose the majority of your customers in the process. Make it easy to complete the purchase or next step in engaging with your company.

  1. Seals and Certifications

Why should the customer choose you? Show that you have credentials and experience. Include any seals or certifications that back up your credibility as an expert in your field.

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  1. Optimized Slug

The slug is the last part of the URL that is unique to your landing page. You should create the slug based on search data for the product or service your landing page promotes.

Here is an example of a landing page for engagement rings at a jewelry story in the Las Vegas area. The slug contains the word “engagement rings” because this is the search term customers most frequently use.

While place specific slugs can be useful, in this case the best slug for the client’s marketing strategy is simply “/engagement-rings”. The chart below shows that the keyword “engagement rings” receive 5,400 monthly searches, while “engagement rings for women” receives 260 monthly searches, and “engagement rings las vegas” receives 170 monthly searches.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Lastly, your landing page should be mobile friendly, as the vast majority of users in many industries will be viewing your web page from a cell phone. While it might not look as visually appealing, it’s important to have your call to action button or contact form at the top of the page. Users will be scrolling through the page and many will stop scrolling before they reach the call to action button if they don’t know it’s their. Check how your landing page looks in a mobile device. Make sure the page is user friendly and that text and images adjust to the size of the screen.

Landing Page Examples

  1. Fashion Jewelry Landing Page

Notice that this landing page includes all of the elements we discussed above. Someone searching for “Gabriel & Co fashion jewelry” will find exactly what they want when they click on this search result. They’ll be able to browse products and make an immediate purchase.

  1. Generators

This page also has all the elements of an effective landing page. If you search for “Home Generator Installation” or “Generators” in the Orlando area, this page appears in Google search results. In mobile, this landing page stacks so that the contact form is at the top of the page with the rest of the content beneath it.

  1. Shingle Roofs

You can see that this roofing services landing page offers three different ways to take action: 1) schedule an appointment, 2) call the business or 3) contact the company for more information. The URL is also optimized for “shingle roofs”, which makes Google more likely to deliver the page as a search result in their area.

Effective Landing Pages

These are just 5 of the most essential elements of a good landing page. The landing page is different from the home page in that it is designed to convert customers for a specific good or product. When you advertise your this good or service on Google Ads, Facebook, or Linked In, for example, you’ll send customers directly to this landing page rather than the home page. View our article 3 Tips on How to Create an Effective Landing Page for more suggestions..

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