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So you have started an advertising campaign and you have people clicking through to see what you have to offer. The only problem is that they don’t seem to be buy anything. Why aren’t they buying? You’ve done everything right. You have created an online ad and it links back to your homepage. Isn’t that all there is to it? No, you are missing a critical part.

You need a landing page.

A landing page is where prospective customers “land” on your website. Now you may be saying to yourself “Well isn’t that what a homepage is for?” Very rarely it does make sense to use your homepage as a landing page but most of the time you shouldn’t.

Let me show you what I mean.

Matthew lives in Orlando, Florida and he is searching for power tools. He sees a wonderful ad for a great set and clicks through. He sees a fantastic landing page from a local Orlando company with a bold headline “Start Adding Power to your Projects!” The page is clean and designed around  different pieces of product information. This landing page his gives him all the information that he would need to know in order to buy. After reading all of the product details he decides he is buying this product. He is offered an easily found “buy now” button and quickly clicks through and makes his purchase.

Matthew’s experience highlights the 3 main guidelines when building a landing page.

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1. Do not use your home page as a landing page.

This is the biggest and easiest problem to fix. Most of the time using your home page as a landing page is an overwhelming bad idea. Suppose that Matthew clicked on that same ad and instead was sent to the homepage instead. Right away he might have backed out and bounced off the site. If he doesn’t see the product he wanted right away there is no reason for him continue the interaction. If he managed to stay then the would have to navigate through the entire site, while trying to remember the exact name of the product. This isn’t something that most customers will have the patience to do. Make it easy to buy from you not difficult.

Home pages in this case get in the way of the customer from making a purchase. Routing customer through the homepage only serves to frustrates customers which online is a good as locking the door from the inside.

2. Clean Design and Clear Purpose

When Matthew arrived at the landing page he instantly found detailed information on the product that he wanted. He was not distracted by the website. The design drew his eyes to the next product feature until it came time for him to buy. The advertisement and the landing page were in agreement. There was no information on the page that was unnecessary and the design of the page facilitated that.

Landing pages are meant to be narrowly focused on getting a customer to take a certain action. If your landing page is broad it could confuse or frustrate a customer who may bounce before even clicking on anything.

“Start Adding Power to your Projects!” is a strong headline that tells the customer the information they can expect on the page. This is the kind of headline that you need on your landing page. You want your above the fold content to immediately reflect the same copy and visual style of the advertisement they clicked on. This communicates right away that the customer is in the right place. Making a good first impression is everything with a customer. It tells them that you are professional and ready for their business.

3. Make conversion easy for the customer.

When Matthew came to landing page he was offered excellent information that induced him to make a purchase. A landing page is an opportunity to showcase a product and really get into the details of the product. Customers who click on ads are a captive and interested audience. Not only do they want to be there. They are willing and expecting to hear more details about a product. They want to be sold to! There is no reason to make this more complicated than it is. Do not try and entice with other products or services. Tell them in more detail why they should buy this product. Make sure that the link to purchase a product is natural and apparent. You want this process to be easy and quick. You want make sure that the time between reading about your product and buying your product is as minimal as possible.

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Do you live in Orlando or the Central Florida Area and need help with a landing page? We can help! We offer landing page design and landing page optimization in Orlando Florida. Contact our Orlando Web Design Company for a free quote.


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