Starting July 2018, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”

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Starting this month, Google’s Chrome browser will classify all non-HTTPS sites as “not secure”. The purpose of this is to inform users that their information is at a risk.  In the past, making this transformation from Non-HTTPS to HTTPS was costly and difficult. But now, Google claims that by using content audits, developers can easily and affordably transfer their sites to HTTPS. This is something Google has successfully been trying to push since their “HTTPS Everywhere” campaign in 2014. They claim that:

  • 81 of the top 100 sites use HTTPS
  • 78% of Chrome traffic on Chrome OS/Mac is secured
  • 68% of chrome on Android/Windows is protected.

What is HTTPS and why is it important?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS encryption has many benefits. For one, it protects you from anyone spying on what you’re doing or tampering with your data. Not having HTTPS encryption means that if anyone that has access to your router or ISP, they could access your information or implant malware into genuine websites.

How will this affect my WordPress website?

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The effect on your browsing activity will be minimal because everyone will still be able to access non-HTTPS websites. Websites that aren’t HTTPS encrypted may see a decrease in that amount of users on their site. This is because many users will be frightened to proceed after seeing the warning.

How do I make my WordPress website secure (HTTPS)?

To move from HTTP to HTTPS, it is necessary to install a SSL certificate. This has ciphers that will encrypt all information. Most web hosts will charge a fee for this transition, but in some web hosting packages, the SSL certificate is already included. The fee varies depending on the hosting company, but the fee can start from $40 a year.  Once the certificate is installed, you will have to change all the links on your site from http to https & do a redirect from http to https.

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Are you having difficulty making the transition from HTTP to HTTPS? We can help! We are an experienced, Orlando-based web design company and digital creative agency specialized in WordPress websites. Please contact us for a free quote!

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