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Google announced that starting in July 2018, PageSpeed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.  Although PageSpeed has been used in ranking for some time, until now that signal was focused on desktop searches.

Also, earlier this year, Google revamped their page speed tool. It now to uses data from the “Chrome user experience report”, which uses metrics from “real-world Chrome users” who visit websites using Google Chrome. Before this update, the PageSpeed tool just displayed an optimization score, but now there is also the speed feature.

The “Chrome user experience report”, grades how fast a website loads, based on these scores:

  • Fast: The median value of the metric is in the fastest third of all page loads.
  • Slow: The median value of the metric is in the slowest third of all page loads.
  • Average: The median value of the metric is in the middle third of all page loads.

By the “Chrome user experience report”, you can also see the “Optimization” score.  The optimization score is a score from 0-100 on how well a page adheres to performance practices. If the website needs to improve it’s optimization, Google will display a list of “suggestions” to improve the score. And if available, it will also provide a link to download the compressed resources & images.

It’s important  to mention that not all sites will display a PageSpeed Score based on the “Chrome user experience report”.  If a website doesn’t have enough traffic and data from the “Chrome user experience report”, the score will be “Unavailable”.

Below you can see the PageSpeed insights for the desktop and mobile, USA Mini Cooper Website.

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