What is Google’s Knowledge Graph?


You may have seen over the past couple of years, Google has made a lot of convenient changes to its search. You may have been surprised that you  don’t have to click on a website if you are looking up a movie, company, or famous person. All of the information you need is located just on the right side of the search results. This is called the Knowledge Graph Card and it is the result of Google’s clever knowledge gathering programming.

Google’s primary business purpose is to provide people with the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. In order for them to do that they have to go beyond just presenting a website that best matches a search term. By collecting and analyzing massive amount of data on people, places, and things, they can make broader connections between all of that data. As a result they can present these findings in an easy and accessible way to Google users. You will see them as featured rich snippets, image carousels, and of course the knowledge Graph Card.

To set things straight the thing you see on the right side of the page during a search is the Knowledge Graph Card. This is just the way the information is shown on the page. The real magic is with Knowledge Graph, the engine that powers this card. When a search is performed the engine turns of and finds all of relevant data and presents that data to you the user through the card.

Take a look at Starbuck’s card below in the screenshot and you understand how much information it offers.


Knowledge Graph hasn’t had a moment to take it easy either. Google has been updating it near constantly. You now will see more interactive features. If you want to say go see the new Guardian of the Galaxy movie all you have to do is type in the title and you will be able to see the play times closest to you and you can even book them in advanced. The same goes for recipes and music too.

See for yourself.

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How can I get in on this?

To get your business in Knowledge graph you need to make sure that your website is consistent and seen as an authority. Find out what people are searching for, write excellent content and optimize your website and make sure it’s mobile friendly!

The Knowledge Graph is a the future of the search experience in Google. It is powering the many waves of innovative ways to show data to people searching. Getting your business information up there is critical is you want to compete.

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