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A common question business owners have when planning out their website is “where do the customer reviews go in a website?”. And, given how much today’s consumers are relying on reviews, it is essential to think how they fit into not only your business’ website but into your overall online marketing strategy.

Where should clients submit reviews?  Websites VS. Third Party Sites

Usually, when it comes to reviews,the options are either placing them in your website or going with a third party site such as Google My Business or reviews on Facebook . Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so keep reading to learn where your reviews should go.

Advantages of having reviews on your own website:

  • It allows for more control over the displayed reviews. When asking your customers to submit reviews on your website, you’ll be able to review their submissions and decide whether or not you publish them on your website
  • It will help in generating an aggregated rating in Google’s search results. Aggregated rating refers to the accumulated rating that appears under a website’s title in Google’s ranking, which help users visualize reviews without having to actually click on your website. Ultimately, the Aggregated rating can show up in Google results and this may help increase traffics to your website &  your organic SEO.

Advantages of having reviews on Third Party websites

  • Trustworthy reference. When a reliable and frequently visited website such as Google my business or Google maps displays many customer reviews, it contributes to your business’ credibility in the cyber universe. Such credibility usually translates to more traffic. Business owners should think of this as the word to mouth channel of the web.
  • Better SEO. As you probably know, websites such as Google my Business, Yelp, Amazon and Trip Advisor get a lot of traffic. When your customers visit those sites and leave reviews about your business, this helps build your business’ visibility and reputation in such websites, which translates into organic SEO benefits since Google takes into account the information that appears in these pages.

The Best of Both Worlds

However, why would you settle with one option if you can have both? As a leading Orlando Web Design Company, we recommend asking your customers to submit their reviews to third party websites, and then copying those reviews in your website. That way, you will get content control on your website and SEO benefits.

Best websites for Customer Reviews

So, now that you have decided to go with a third party website first, which one should you send your customers to? Yelp? Google My Business? Keep reading for our top choices for Review sites:

Google My Business: the average monthly traffic for this platform in the U.S is 158.03 million, so make sure you list your business and that you update your business hours

Facebook: this social media giant has an average monthly traffic in the US of 85.57 million

Industry specific review pages: each industry has their online go-to pages for reviews. For example, online directories such as HomeAdvisor provide reviews on businesses that offer services to homes. Do your research and find out who is recommending who in your industry, and send your customers there!

Orlando Web Design

If you are having problems incorporating reviews on your website or sending your customers to third party sites, contact us! We are an Orlando Web Design company with over 14 years of experience helping businesses get the most out of customer reviews.



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