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On May 15th, Mailchimp introduced a new pricing plan in an attempt to add more options and flexibility business that use their services. However, this new pricing plan only applies to users who have joined Mailchimp before May 15th, 2019. People who created an account on or after this date do not have to worry about upgrading. If your business uses MailChimp to communicate and engage with customers, please read below about the important upcoming updates that might affect your business.

The Upgrade

According to Mailchimp, if you have a Legacy Monthly Plan,  your bill will continue to adjust as your subscriber count grows or shrinks. This will not change unless you decide to switch to a different type of monthly plan under their new pricing model.

The upgrade is directed towards existing paid customers. This new plan will allow them to keep their legacy plans, or to pause, downgrade or upgrade plans.

How to Upgrade to a Different Mailchimp Pricing Plan

How to upgrade will depend on what your current plan is. As the Legacy Monthly Plans are the most affected, we are going to explain how to do so below:

  1. Click your profile name and choose Account
  2. Click Billing, and choose Monthly plans or credits.
  3. Click the radio button next to the plan type you want to purchase.
    1. Click the Monthly radio button, and we’ll display the monthly rate based on the number of subscribers currently in your account.
    2. Click the Pay As You Go radio button to expand the list of available credit packages and choose the one you want to purchase.
  4. Review your transaction in the right sidebar, and add or edit your payment method.
  5. Type in your CVV, and click Complete Purchase.

If you have a different Mailchimp account, make sure to check out Mailchimps’ full explanation.

Staying connected with your customers, is important for your business branding & growth. Communication & engagement promotes customers loyalty, satisfaction and ultimately increases revenue.  If you joined MailChimp before May 15th, 2019, please take some time to review the updates.

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