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Users want to find more accurate information easier and quicker, this is why Google has created information snippets, known as Rich results. These snippets give the user a sneak peak of your website’s content and helps them know whether or not it has the information they are looking for. Needless to say, websites that are featured on this snippets are more likely to be visited by users. So, let’s dig a little on Google’s latest Rich Results type and see how it can benefit your website!

Rich Results: New Q & A snippet

At the end of 2018, Google released a new type of Rich results focusing on a “questions and answers” format. This new snippet features the most relevant answers to questions asked by users at the top of search results. According to Google’s Official Webmaster Blogs:

“ This new presentation helps site owners reach the right users for their content and helps users get the relevant information about their questions faster.”

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How can my website be featured in Q & A snippets?

As with the rest of Rich Result types, you can make sure your site is crawled for Rich Results by incorporating Structured Data.

In addition, Google provides a couple useful tools to test whether or not your pages are eligible for Q & A Rich Results and to overall see how well you are including structured Data on your site. The Search Console also allows you to see aggregate stats and markup error examples, so you know what to avoid.

Lastly, the performance report can tell you which queries show your Q&A Rich Result in Search results, and how these can change over time.

Although keeping up with Google’s updates and improvements can be a time and energy consuming task, it is important to remember how beneficial this can be to your website’s visibility and traffic, which can drastically attract customers to your business.

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