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WordPress 5.0 was released at the end of last year and, as you might have heard, it included a new text editor for the first time since its’ conception. Although there has been a wide range of opinions on the pros and cons of the new block editor, one thing is for sure: it brings a plethora of possibilities to WooCommerce. Read below for a summary of them!

 WooCommerce & Blocks

One of the reasons store owners choose WooCommerce over other eCommerce platforms is that it gives access to all other WordPress capabilities.And, with the new text editor is no different. Here are the highlights of the WooCommerce integration with the new block editor:

1. WooCommerce Product Blocks

This recently developed plugin allows you to feature your products in posts and pages. Products can be filtered and sorted by all sorts of criteria, and you can even adjust display features like the number of rows or columns. According to WooCommerce’s official site, this feature plugin will allow to select and display products across your site, including:

  • Products from specific categories via a new stand-alone block
  • Individual, hand-picked products
  • On sale products
  • Products with specific attributes or terms
  • Bestsellers
  • Top-rated products
  • New Products
  • Featured products in a new, high impact display

2. New Themes with WordPress 5.o

Two major WooCommerce themes have been released in the latest update: Storefront and Twenty Nineteen.

  • Storefront: The block editor introduces a lot of new blocks and features and this theme allows you to take advantage of them. Some of these blocks include full-width cover images, parallax images with text overlay, all sorts of different embedded content blocks, and column support for up to six columns.
  • Twenty Nineteen: this is the new default theme, and it is designed from the ground up to be super-flexible, taking full advantage of the block editor.

3. New Templates for Editing Products in the Horizon

WooCommerce’s official page mentioned the block editor’s next phase will introduce the concept of templates, which will enable WooCommerce to modernize and improve the product editing experience even further, possibly introducing a visual editor to edit products.

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