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WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce system in the world, has recently released a mobile app that allows store owners to get more information on businesses’ activity from their phones.

WooCommerce Mobile App Features

Some of the most prominent features include:

1. Track Your Store

What products are generating the most revenue? The WooCommerce app allows you to check your overall revenue, view orders and visitor data by day, week, month and year.

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2. Manage Orders

Keep track of your orders by viewing the its’ information. Visualize the product, value, customer data, shipping details, and even notes.

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3. Real-time Order Alerts

if you would like to closely follow what happens in your store, this app includes optional notifications about store activity, including new orders and product reviews.

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To download this app, visit Google Play or the Apple App Store!

Mobile apps provide you with a wealth of information at the tip of your fingers, so as leading marketers, we recommend business owners to download them to stay ahead of competitors!

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