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WooCommerce has been taking tremendous steps to keep up with WordPress’ updates and to continuously improve experience for store owners and customers alike. This has been clearly reflected on Woocomerce’s integration of product blocks, and now they have released important improvements in its’ 3.6 version. Read below for a break down of the essentials.

Improvements for WooCommerce Users

For users, the improvements have been mostly geared towards reducing loading time for stores and individual product pages. According to their official release, these are the specific improvements WooCommerce is implementing:

  • A 62% improvement in the load time when ordering and filtering products

A new master list to filter products by price, popularity, SKU, and rating are used to speed up filtering for searches.

  • Reduced overall load time by bypassing inactive webhooks

Only active webhooks are loaded on pages across the store.

  • Reduced the load time for pages with category or product attribute lists

Custom ordering of categories and attributes process has been optimized to reduce load time.

Improvements for WooCommerce Store Owners

Store owners and managers, on the other hand, will see improvements on views and activities. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Bulk creation and/or updating multiple products

Bulk-editing and has been made easier as well as creating multiple products since WooCommerce is now using a different method to handle transients.

  • Making use of custom tables and indices to store orders and customer data

Running various queries or searches is faster.

  • Loading REST API code only when running REST API queries

In previous WordPress versions, the REST API was loaded on each page. To improve performance developers are now only including and initialising the REST API during the rest_api_init hook. Put simply, there is now less unnecessary code in version 3.6

  • Working with downloadable products

An index has been added to the downloads database to speed up workflows that use downloadable products.

  • Searching of variations

There is a new feature, which enables variations to be searched by attribute name or value.

Although updating your WooCommerce website will bring many benefits, we recommend always backing up your site as compatibility with plugins and themes can be a risk to your website.

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