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WooCommerce 3.7 was released August 12th and is the second update of 2019. Keeping the momentum from the previous release back in April, WooCommerce continues to focus on performance improvements. While preparing for the release of 3.7,  the WooCommerce team extensively tested with popular extensions and themes on multiple hosts and managed updates for real-life customers on staging sites and ran the public release on Woocommerce.com. The minimum PHP and WordPress version requirements have been updated to optimize performance and security and it should be fully backwards compatible with all WooCommerce releases since 3.0. Do you have an online store and need help? We can set everything up for you. Contact us. We specialize in WooCommerce and Wordpress development.


What’s new in WooCommerce 3.7?

WooCommerce is Faster and More Flexible than ever

This release boasts faster speeds and several other tweaks, fixes, and improvements, including the ability to customize the “Thank You” wording in emails via an additional content field, and new coupon code generator functionality.


WooCommerce Performance Improvements



Several new and improved WooCommerce Product Blocks

  • Improved block branding for easier discovery
  • New Focal Point Picker for the Featured Product block
  • A new Product Categories List block
  • A new Featured Category Block, enabling you to feature a category and show a link to its archive
  • A new Products by Tag(s) block
  • Faster products searching in the Featured Product and Hand-Picked Product blocks


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If you live in Orlando or the Central Florida area, and need help with your WooCommerce store, we can help! Contact us now.  We are Orlando WordPress Experts with over 14 years of experience. Our team includes WordPress developers & WordPress designers ready to take your business site to the next level.

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