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This week, on April 4th and 5th, two major WordPress plugins have been closed on the WordPress Repository. The first one was Ari Adminer and the second one was Tool Set Types. Read below to learn what this means if you are using one of these plugins in your WordPress website.

WordPress Plugins Closed

Ari Adminer

Ari Adminer was a plugin that allowed you to manage WordPress database tables in the WP backend. This plugin saved time for developers and site owners from having to go into cPanel and run PHPMyadmin to see the underlying WordPress database tables. Toolset Types, on the other hand, provided site owners with a friendly option to manage their custom content needs, which included everything from Creating and editing custom post types, taxonomy, fields to creating connections between any of your content to help organize it in useful ways with relationship fields.

Tool Set Types

WordPress Developer

4 Months ago, Type’s author announced the plugin would stop appearing in the WordPress repository.  This move is part of moving Types into the complete (paid) Toolset package ($69 to $299 per year).

What WordPress plugins can be used instead?

Fortunately, there are some options out there to replace these plugins (both free and paid).

If you need to replace Types, get started by taking a look at this table by Toolset. Alternatively,  you can switch form Types, to Pods , which is one of the most popular custom post type plugins with very positive reviews.

If you need to replace Ari Adminer, it will be more difficult.  Currently, we have not been able to find a plugin as powerful as Ari Adminer. However, you might want to give WP Database a try.

WP Data Access helps you to manage your WordPress data and database from the WordPress dashboard and to publish table data on your website using shortcodes.

WP Data Access also allows you to create your own WordPress data apps that run in the WordPress dashboard. Supports standard CRUD functionality as well as parent-child forms and static pages.

Plugins are at the core of the myriad of functionalities WordPress websites have. Thus, it is extremely important to keep them up to date and find replacements as soon as they are closed.

Orlando WordPress Website Maintenance

If you would like Orlando WordPress Experts to help you quickly replace Toolset Types and ARI Adminer in your WordPress website, please reach out! We are expert WordPress developers & designers located in Orlando, Florida.


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