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Google has released a new feature to test and preview structured data on your website. Structured data is what allows your results in Google Search to appear with eye-catching features that draw potential customers to your result over competitors. These are also known as “rich results.” For example, rich results can include images, FAQ’s, tables, and more when your page appears in search results.

The Rich Results Test is available at this link and will replace the Structured Data Testing Tool. While the old tool is still active, it will be phased out, and Google no longer recommends using it to test your search results.

Google says the Rich Results Test is an upgrade in that it allows for preview in both mobile and desktop. It is also more efficient in analyzing dynamically loaded structured data, and it is “fully aligned with Search Console reports.”

If one of the Search feature enhancements included in your markup is not valid, the results will include a warning. The markup could still generate as a rich result, but without the elements flagged with a warning.

Use this tool to improve your website’s pages and ensure that they are structured to give your website the best chance of being seen in Google Search. For more information, see the help page for the Rich Results Test.

How to Use the Rich Results Test

To use the Rich Results Test, select page URL or code snippet in the top left corner and select mobile or desktop in the bottom right corner. Then enter the URL or code you would like to test.

how to rich results test

Results will appear like this, with warnings to let you know which data you need to correct:

rich results valid structured data

The preview of your results in Google Search looks like this:

rich results search preview

Image Credit: Google Webmaster Blog

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