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Facebook just announced a major change to user permissions that will result in broken links to Facebook and Instagram content across millions of website. This change will go into effect on October 24, 2020. If you have included an embedded post or video from these social media sites on your website, you will need to create a Facebook Developer account and follow the steps below in order for the content to remain visible.

What the Facebook API Change Means for oEmbed Links

Up to now, you have been able to display content from Facebook and Instagram in your WordPress website simply by embedding the link in the WordPress block editor with the oEmbed format. OEmbed is a free, open format that was created just for this type of simple sharing of content across platforms. However, this Facebook API change will now require users to authenticate the oEmbed links. Creators of oEmbed are opposed to the change, as it defeats the purpose of having a free, easy to use method of reposting content to a website without needing any knowledge of code.

How to Keep Your Facebook and Instagram Content Live

After October 24, 2020, you will need to follow the following steps to prevent broken links where your website currently displays content from Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Create a Facebook Developer account at facebook.com.
  2. Create and register a Facebook app.
  3. Add the Facebook oEmbed Product to the app.
  4. Obtain an Access Token.
  5. Keep the Facebook app in Live Mode.

See this page on the Facebook for Developers site for further instructions.

Updates to WordPress in Response to the Facebook oEmbed Change

In response to this change, one WordPress developer has created a plugin called oEmbed Plus that brings back oEmbed integration for Facebook and Instagram links and guides users on how to add the needed Facebook developer credentials.

Meanwhile, the WordPress plugin Gutenberg has removed Facebook and Instagram blocks as part of their 9.0 release.

WordPress Website Development

The WordPress experts at M5 Design Studio are here to help you navigate this change in order to keep your Facebook and Instagram content live on your website. We are Orlando WordPress developers with over 15 years of experience creating custom apps. Contact us online or at (407) 968-6296.

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