Restaurant Owners Can Now Save Up to 30% on Online Ordering Fees

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The WordPress developer WPExperts recently released its new plugin “WooCommerce for Restaurants.” This much awaited plugin offers an affordable, convenient way for restaurants to house their menu and ordering process on their own websites. The license fee for the plugin is $149.00 annually. Compare this to the 20-30% commission that DoorDash, Grubhub and other ordering apps charge restaurants on every order.

Even the Google ordering service integrated in Google Maps adds a surcharge of about 10% to menu items, which can make the difference between ordering or not for someone on a budget. Restaurant owners make higher profits with direct ordering, and the WooCommerce for Restaurants plugin boasts a buffet of features to customize the menu and ordering process.

WooCommerce for Restaurants Features

Some of the features included in this WordPress plugin are the following:

  • Simple and modern menu design
  • Display menu items by product name or by category (appetizers, deserts, etc.)
  • Mini-cart feature to shows the order summary as customers shop
  • Display your restaurant’s opening and closing times and provide timeframes for ordering
  • Ability to increase and decrease
  • Customize delivery options and prices
  • Allow customer to include custom instructions
  • Shortcode allows you to copy your menu to any page of your website
  • compatible with the Extra Product Options (Product Addons) for WooCommerce

Setting up WooCommerce for Restaurants in Your WordPress Website

WooCommerce for Restaurants is designed for restaurant owners to create their own menus in their WordPress websites. However, if reading WordPress plugin documentation and working in the backend of your website is something you prefer to avoid, you can opt to hire a WordPress developer to set up your menu. WordPress developers can also provide further customization to your menu.

WordPress Website Development

If you are an Orlando restaurant and need help setting up your WooCommerce for Restaurants menu, M5 Design Studio can help. We are Orlando WordPress experts with over 15 years of experience. Our team includes WordPress developers & WordPress designers ready to take your business site to the next level. Contact us now or call us at 407-968-6296.

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