What Is the Best Live Chat Plugin for WordPress?

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Customers like answers right away. If your website can’t provide them, they’re likely to turn to a competitor who can. Live chat support is ranked the most preferred by customers over email support, phone support, and messaging via WhatsApp or social media. Even better, studies show that adding a chat feature to your website increases conversions and customer loyalty. We’ve tested many different live chat plugins over the years, and we have found that the ultimate live chat plugin for WordPress is Screets. Over the years, they have rebuilt the app in response to user feedback, and today they deliver a super speedy, super affordable chat function.

Why is Screets the Best Live Chat Plugin?

Here are the reasons we have selected Screets as the best live chat plugin for WordPress:

  1. Self-hosted with no monthly fees.

This means that you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription to a third party, or any monthly fees. Most live chat plugins for WordPress are just plugins that allow you to integrate a third party chat service on your WordPress website. The third party service houses the chat function in their website, as well as all of your chat data. You pay them a monthly fee for the entire time you are using the live chat function.

  1. Unlimited domains.

Once you purchase the plugin, you can install Screets on unlimited domains. This is especially valuable if you would like to integrate chat-based support into more than website.

  1. Loads really fast.

Several years ago, we used Screets and had to take it off of our clients websites because it was so slow. However, Screets responded to customer complaints and completely redesigned the plugin from scratch with new coding. Today, it loads in lightning speed.

  1. Logins for representatives.

Create logins for your sales and service representatives, so they can access the backend of the chat plugin without accessing the entire website dashboard.

  1. It works.

Screets is functional and user-friendly. We’ve experienced few issues with the plugin, which is important when it comes to your #1 tool for increasing conversions and providing support.

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Some Considerations

Screets does need integration with Google Firebase, which is a third party, in order to work. However, integrating the plugin is very simple. The biggest issue for small business owners is that Screets does not provide text notifications to your mobile device. The chat function only works if you’re logged in in the website. When you’re logged in, the chat window shows up for users. As soon as you log out, the chat window converts into a contact form.

Live Chat with Notifications to Your Phone

If you need notifications to your mobile, there are some other apps that will serve your purpose better:

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Some other free options include offering support via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with a WordPress plugin to integrate the messaging into your website. You’ll have 24/7 access to customer inquiries via your mobile device, and they can continue the chat via the website or the app in the case of Facebook Messenger.

Advantages of Having a Live Chat in a Website

Offering support to customers in real time is a huge advantage for any online business looking to make sales or book clients via your website. Numerous studies show that customers prefer live chat support over any other type of support, and the positive user experience it provides turns chat users into loyal repeat customers.

The American Marketing Association found that a live chat feature increases Business to Business website sales by 20%. Customers who chat while on the website are also 3 times more likely to make a purchase. Just these two statistics alone show that live chat is an incredible tool for increasing online sales.

In terms of user loyalty, an ATG Global Consumer Trend survey found that 63% of customers were more likely to return to a website that offers chat. Even if a customer does not make a purchase the first time they visit your website, the positive experience they have with a chat representative will often leave a good impression that encourages them to return.

Furthermore, if you are scaling your business, live chat support is less expensive per ticket than phone support, so you’ll receive higher returns on your investment.

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If you would like to integrate a live chat feature in your WordPress website, M5 Design Studio can help. We are Orlando WordPress experts with over 15 years of experience. Our team includes WordPress developers & WordPress designers ready to take your business website to the next level. Contact us now or call us at 407-968-6296.

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