Google’s March 2024 Update: Removing low-quality content on Search Results

Googles Update Remove Low Quality Content


In the constantly evolving world of search, Google’s March 2024 update marks a significant shift in its approach to ranking and indexing websites. The focus appears to signal a crackdown on websites that fail to meet rising standards of quality and relevance. Let’s explore what this means for businesses and marketers, particularly those serving the Orlando and Central Florida communities.

Understanding the March 2024 Update

Google’s official communications point to several key changes:

  1. Enhanced Detection of Spam & Low-Quality Sites

Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving to identify and weed out manipulative tactics designed to artificially improve website rankings.  Here are a few examples of what they’re targeting:

Keyword Stuffing: Unnaturally repeating keywords in an attempt to trick the search engine. For example, a product description reading “Buy the best mattress, a comfortable mattress, a top quality mattress for sale…” would signal an issue.

Hidden Text: Concealing keyword-rich text by making it the same color as the page background, visible to search engines but not regular users.

Link Schemes: Engaging in practices like buying links from other sites or excessive link exchanges solely intended to manipulate rankings.

Websites engaging in these practices risk being penalized by Google, potentially facing reduced visibility or even complete removal from search results.

  1. Google Wants Quality Content

Google is raising the bar for content quality, aiming to reward websites that offer genuine value to users.  Website SEO content that is poorly written, lacks originality, or is simply copied from other sources is likely to be penalized. Here’s what Google is looking for:

  • Original & Informative:  Don’t just rehash the same old information.  Offer unique insights, well-researched facts, or expert perspectives.  For example, a blog post by a pet supply store titled “Choosing the Right Pet Food for Florida Dogs” could include information about nutritional needs in local weather conditions.
  • Avoid “Thin” Content:  Pages with minimal text,  lacking in substance, will hurt your rankings.   For example, a product page with only a two-sentence description offers little value to shoppers.
  • Prioritize User Needs: Always consider whether your content directly answers the questions your audience is likely to be searching for. An Orlando-based law firm could create blog posts addressing common legal issues relevant to Florida residents.

Google aims to elevate original, well-researched, and helpful content. Sites with thin, repetitive, or copied content will likely see a decrease in visibility. Think of the update as Google demanding more substance and value from the websites it ranks.

  1. User Experience is Key

Websites offering a positive user experience – easy navigation, fast loading times, mobile-friendliness, and content that directly answers user questions – are more likely to be rewarded.

What this Means for Your Business

Google’s message is clear: websites prioritizing content quality and user experience will thrive. Here’s how businesses should respond:

Prioritize Quality Content

Prioritize well-written, informative, and original content. For example, a local bakery’s blog could feature not just recipes but in-depth articles on baking techniques, ingredient sourcing, and seasonal culinary trends. A landscaping company offering informative guides about drought-tolerant plants, Orlando-specific lawn care, and detailed garden design ideas.

Eliminate Obsolete & Outdated Content

Conduct a content audit. Old blog posts, irrelevant product pages, or poorly written service descriptions could be hindering your rankings. Either significantly update this content or remove it entirely. If you’re a home renovation company, articles from five years ago about trends in kitchen design are likely outdated and could even hurt your search rankings. Refresh old articles with up-to-date information or consider removing them altogether.

Optimize User Experience (UX)

Focus on optimizing your site’s navigation, load speed, and mobile responsiveness. Tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights can help you identify areas for improvement.

For example, an Orlando-based e-commerce website should ensure a seamless checkout process. Test for compatibility with different browsers and devices, making the purchase journey frictionless.

Invest in Building Your Brand

A strong brand and reputation signal legitimacy. This could include developing compelling brand messaging, earning positive reviews, and partnering with local businesses or charities in the Orlando and Central Florida area.


Google’s March 2024 update underscores the dynamic nature of SEO. To stay ahead, businesses need partners who can anticipate shifts and adapt strategies.  As your Orlando and Central Florida SEO experts, M5 Design Studio will help you adapt to the changing search landscape and achieve your business goals.  We’ll analyze your website’s SEO and response to the latest updates, revamp your SEO content strategy for quality and engagement, optimize user experience for seamless interactions, and strengthen your brand identity to build trust with Orlando and Central Florida audiences.

We’ll refine your website SEO content, enhance user experience, and protect your brand reputation to boost your search rankings and online presence.  Ready to future-proof your business? Contact M5 Design Studio today fill-out a contact form or call 407-968-6296  to start the conversation.

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