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As we all know, businesses come in many shapes and sizes. Thus, websites and websites’ structures should always align to meet the specific needs of each business. In this week’s article, we are focusing on city pages, which are perfect for businesses that have multiple locations or that they serve multiple areas. Let’s go over the advantages for local SEO to create city pages for your business’ website.

Why should I add city pages ?

If your business has multiple location or serves multiple ares creating an informative and relevant City page can improve local SEO organic results by earning  more traffic in your website and generating leads. And, as we have mentioned before, this is all beneficial for your ROI.

Local SEO Tips to Create City Pages

In order to have successful city pages, is essential that they are created and marketed correctly.  Here are 5 strategies to get the most out of City Pages:

1. Optimize page name and URL structure

Think carefully when choosing your page name and URL structure. We recommend your use your top keyword and city name for your page name and URL. For example:

-Locations > Orlando


-Areas We Serve > Orlando

2. Add Headings

If you have a good amount of content on your page, headings can help users navigate the text better and find the information they need. After all, most users do not read, they scan and headings will facilitate this process.

3. Include the Cities in Main Navigation

City pages must be included in your main navigation . They should be easy to find and not lost in the depths of your website.

4. Provide information about the business

 If an user arrived at your location page, you should aim to make it as easy as possible for them to find information about your business. Thus, make sure you include basic information such as: services offered in the area, contact information, how long you have been helping customers in this area, and what differentiates your business from your competitors.

5. Don’t underestimate clients’ testimonials

Clients’ reviews and testimonials help create trust in your business, which as we mentioned in our article “Best Websites for Customer Reviews can help with organic search results. As a general rule, it is best to have testimonials in both your website and in third party sites.

All in all, City pages, if done correctly, are a great way of improving local SEO and reaching more local customers. Don’t miss out on increasing your visibility  among clients in the areas you serve!

Orlando Web Design Company

If you are struggling to create relevant city pages or improve your local SEO contact us! We are an Orlando Web Design company with over 14 years of experience helping Orlando businesses create, market, & improve their online presence.



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