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How fast your website loads (in both mobile and desktop devices) matters to Google when it comes to its’ ranking. A renowned tool provided by Google to test and improve your website’s speed is PageSpeed Insights, which has just gotten an update with multiple new features!

Here we give you a breakdown of the essentials of this upgrade, so make sure to continue reading to stay ahead of your competitors in the Search Engine Optimization world.

What is Google PageSpeed insights?

In a nutshell, It is a tool by Google that analyzes your website’s speed, provides you with a breakdown on the aspects of your website that are slowing it down, and suggest ways to optimize it.

The Essentials of Google PageSpeed Insight’s Update

Besides the dashboard redesigned, the November 2018 update includes a wealth of information to marketers and web designers. The major highlights include a switch to Google’s Lighthouse, a more detailed breakdown of data collected from not only the analysis engine but from Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX), and more information on how to improve your website in the opportunities, diagnostics and audits charts.

1. Lighthouse

LightHouse by Google

This is an automated tool that aims to improve the quality of web pages by presenting information on a site’s performance, accessibility, SEO and many other factors. In this update, Lighthouse is the tool used to analyze data. Even more, this version of PageSpeed Insights will include all of Lighthouse audits

2. More (and friendlier!) data

Both Field and lab data are now presented on PageSpeed’s dashboard and it presents information on First Contentful Paint (FCP) and the First Input Delay (FID) speed index, time interactive, and much more.

Orlando Web Design Field Data

3. Detailed breakdown of opportunities, diagnostics and audits

PageSpeed now gives you not only suggestions on how to improve your website, but it actually tells you by how many seconds it will better your site’s speed. In addition, with the diagnostics and audits charts, it provides more information on your website’s performance and specific steps you should follow to address each issue. PageSpeed Insights Opportunities

Lastly, it is important to notice that Google announced that previous versions of PageSpeed Insights will be deprecated in six months. Thus, it is best to take advantage of this new version and reach your target audience with a faster website now!

If you would like to take a look at the previous PageSpeed Update, make sure you check out our article “New Updates For Google Pagespeed Insights” . Or, if you would like to check out other Speed testing tools, check out “3 Tools To Test Your WordPress Website’s Speed”.

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