Troubleshooting WordPress 5.0 & “The Classic” Editor Plugin

tRoubleshoot WordPress 5.0

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WordPress 5.0 was expected to be a major update due to WordPress’ new text editor, Gutenberg. Thus, there was a natural dilemma on whether or not upgrading would help or break WordPress sites. Due to the unpredictability of how WordPress 5.0 would interact with your current themes and plugins, in our article WordPress 5.0: Why You Should Wait To Update we advised our readers to wait to upgrade.

Nonetheless, whether or not you decided to update, read below for some guidance on some commons issues that arose during the release.

Issues with WordPress 5.0 & BlueHost Hosting

If automatic updates was “off”, why Blue host updated my website to WordPress 5.0?

This has never happened before! Even though automatic updates was “off” in the BlueHost WordPress panel, some of our websites updated anyway. The issue? The updates were “hard-coded” in the wp-config.php.

BlueHost Automatic Updates off

So, why BlueHost didn’t remove the code in the wp-config.php? I guess a better question would be, why it was added if we had removed it when we first set up the websites 2 years ago?

To remove the automatic updates we had to manually remove the following line of code:

wordpress disable core updates

Issues with “The Classic” Editor

Why the classic editor is not working or not loading correctly?

If your hosting automatically updated your WordPress website, you might had an issue when you enabled “The Classic” editor. For us, it was not working correctly. The tinyMCE was not loading at all and we could not type or even switch from the “text” to the “visual” editor.

Since this was an unexpected update, we wanted to restore the editor for our clients as quick as possible. And thanks to, we were able to find the issue.

Toolset Types plugin (Version 2.3.4), was breaking “The Classic “editor

It seems that we were not the only ones having this issue, @iantresman created a support ticket at, with the same issue we were experiencing.

wordpress 5 issues classic text editor

Luckily, the plugin developers, where able to fix the issue with version 2.3.5.

wordpress 5 issues classic text editor solution


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