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Website accessibility is a key element of all websites since it allows users with all kinds of capabilities to fully access and enjoy the content in your site. As we previously mentioned in our article Is your website ADA Compliant?, the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) explicitly requires that all government agencies, including some state and local agencies make their websites accessible to all users regardless of ability.

Besides providing an inclusive cyberspace and being required by law, having an accessible website has advantages such as increased audience reach, better search results,and reduced maintenance costs. Furthermore, it is now easy to make your WordPress website ADA compliant with just a couple of plugins: the WP ADA Compliance Check Basic and the One Click accessibility plugin. Make sure to keep reading to learn how easy it is to have an accessible WordPress website .

1.WP ADA Compliance Check Basic Plugin

In a nutshell, this plugin evaluates your websites pages for the most common accessibility issues in your website. It does so by running a complete scan of your website theme files, terms, widgets, short-codes, custom fields, pages, media library images, posts and custom post types to identify issues. In addition, it provides references and instructions for resolving the accessibility issues in your site.

Plugin Features

The WP ADA Compliance Check Basic Plugin identifies issues such as:

  • empty link and heading tags
  • ambiguous link text such as “click here”
  • absolute font sizes
  • redundant link text with different destinations iframes missing title attributes
  • object tags missing equivalent text
  • embed, audio or video tags missing equivalent text
  • audio, video or object tags set to autoplay
  • form fields without labels
  • images missing alternate text attributes
  • images with empty alternate text attributes and non-empty title or aria-label attributes
  • image tags with alt text that includes “Image of” or “Graphic of” or filenames
  • image map area tags without alternate content
  • redundant, duplicate or missing page titles
  • redundant alt text
  • title attributes that duplicate the link text
  • layout tables without role attributes

And many more just in its’ free version!

Issue summary ADA Compliance plugin

ADA Compliance plugin report image

Can I install this plugin on any WordPress website ?

This plugin works with WordPress versions up to WordPress 4.6, and it is perfectly compatible with WordPress’ classic text editor. Nonetheless, as of now, it is not compatible with WordPress’ newest Gutenberg text editor, but an updated version that does work with Gutenberg is expected to be released in the near future.

There are myriad of tools to make your WordPress website accessible. This plugin certainly represents one of the best due to its’ numerous features and constant updates. Take advantage of the multiple benefits of having an accessible WordPress website and make all site visitors feel welcomed.

2. One Click Accessibility

This amazing plugin allows site visitors to adjust the appearance of the website to meet their needs. The features include:

  • Resize font (increase/decrease)
  • Grayscale
  • Negative Contrast
  • High Contrast
  • Light Background
  • Links Underline
  • Readable Font
  • Link to Sitemap / Feedback / Help pages

One Click accessibility plugin
One click accessibility is very easy to install and there’s no need  for expert knowledge. It is great for users with disabilities who access your website through different devices since it allows them to quickly make your site accessible to match their specific needs!


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If you would like to make your WordPress website ADA compliant or to improve your overall website accessibility, contact us now for a free quote! We are Orlando WordPress specialists with over 14 years of  in the web design industry.



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